mandatory online connection even when playing alone –

mandatory online connection even when playing alone –
mandatory online connection even when playing alone –

Turtle Rock Studios has confirmed that Back 4 Blood will require a connection online even when playing alone. Recall that the campaign mode has the option to play with three allies controlled by artificial intelligence, but in any case it will not be possible play without connection.

The information was shared via the official Turtle Rock Studios Twitter account, in response to a user asking about Back 4 Blood. The development team states, in translation: “We are looking for ways to support offline in the future, but an internet connection will be required to play the launch. “Unfortunately, this is all we know for the moment: lacking more precise information, we cannot know if this support will arrive in 2021, if it does.

Turtle Rock Studios, in fact, has not given certainty that offline support is introduced in Back 4 Blood: it’s just a possibility. We remind you that Back 4 Blood will arrive on 12 October 2021 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S. In addition, it will support cross-play, even between different console generations. It will be released at D1 on Xbox Game Pass, in both PC and Xbox format.

Back 4 Blood is one shooter which evolves the Left 4 Dead formula. Four players must survive waves of zombies, including more powerful creatures controlled by other players (if you play online, of course).

Finally, we remind you that a trailer for the Swarm PvP mode has been shared at E3 2021.


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