Trony flyer “Champion of Discounts” and “14 days of madness” until June 30th

Vezio Ceniccola

16/06/2021 ore 14:48

New Trony flyer in preview! There are so many offers coming up since 17 al June 30, 2021, different depending on the area of ​​Italy in which the chosen store is located. The common thread of all the new promotions is thehigh discount percentage proposal on the best products, with falling prices up to over 50% compared to the list price.

The promotion valid in most Trony stores in Italy is the one that takes the name “Tony Champion of Discounts”And allows you to make purchases in installments at zero interest rates, with the first installment starting from October 2021. In the stores of Campania it’s short Lazio there are instead “14 days of madness“, While in Calabria e Sicily the promo will be active “Below cost and discounts“.

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Below you will find i Trony flyers in full version with the promos mentioned, valid in particular in the regions indicated in the title of each section. To find out about the promotions dedicated to the other regions just go to this address. The button below allows you to go to the official Trony website and check the offers online.




Trony Flyer “Champion of Discounts” – National

Trony flyer “14 days of madness” – Campania

Trony Flyer “Under cost and Discounts” – Calabria, Sicily


Trony flyer Champion Discounts days madness June #30th

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