The user who had to compensate Xiaomi for over 3,000 euros

It seems an almost surreal story, a single user was sentenced to compensate Xiaomi for 3,000 euros, a hi-tech multinational. However this time there is no talk of a story of injustice, but of a punishment inflicted on a person clearly in bad faith …

The story takes place in China, the birthplace of the company headed by Lei Jun. To august 2020, Xiaomi has launched its brand new top of the range on the market Mi 10 Ultra, made available on Chinese territory also in a particular commemorative version. Given the low availability of the product and the popularity of the brand, obviously the smartphone is gone sold out within a few minutes.

The main user of the story would have managed to grab it two units of this rare device, but this is only where the real problems started …

After not even 24 hours from the order, as ITHome tells us, the user would have published on the portal JD (the one on which the purchase was made, one of the most important in China) ben two very bad reviews by Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. In user reviews it would have been widely criticized the terminal in question, speaking of a battery that lasts “just 2 hours“, Excessive overheating, several crashes due to high temperatures and a photographic sector not up to par.

There would be nothing strange, it is not the first time that a dissatisfied user reviews a product negatively, if only the facts described were real (the user has not even tried the devices apparently) and if in the reviews written after only one day from the order there was no talk of “weeks of use“. Basically it is as clear as sunlight that it was about blatantly made up reviews.

The judge who had to issue a sentence in this regard also thinks so, after Xiaomi has rightly decided to sue this person for damages.

The matter was closed on June 15, 2021, with the court requesting the user to delete the offending comments, the publication of a letter of apology in the space dedicated to the reviews of Mi 10 Ultra on JD and a payment of 10.000 yuan (about 3,861 euros) for having damaged the image of Xiaomi.

In short, making keyboard lions is never a big move and in this case it cost the user a considerable amount. Think about it well before railing against something or someone on the internet …

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