Will the next iPhone have invisible keys? – Corriere.it

Will the next iPhone have invisible keys? – Corriere.it
Will the next iPhone have invisible keys? – Corriere.it

After the cd player and the headphone jack Apple may have decided to eliminate another component that actually seems essential to us at the moment: the keys. Apple Insider showed one of the company’s latest patents that refers to a system for creating capacitive sensing input devices. In other words, keys hidden beneath the surface, invisible backlit holes that appear when touched – that is, when we need them – and then disappear.

The latest news on the next iPhone

The indiscretions immediately pass to the facts. Will the next iPhone be the first smartphone that is completely keyless? It is unlikely that the functionality is already ready to be integrated on the iPhone 13, arriving in September, but maybe we will see it on subsequent models, in 2022 or the following year.

How does it work

The mechanism is rather sophisticated and aims to improve the aesthetics of the devices

. Not only the iPhone but also the Mac or the HomePod. Making them more elegant, with a smooth surface and without those keys that already protrude almost imperceptibly from the body today. But there is also a technical benefit: being devoid of mechanical parts, it would be immune to deterioration. It is therefore much more difficult to break. According to the patent viewed by Apple Insider these “invisible” buttons would work thanks to the deflection of the metal frame of the device. In other words, when pressure is applied to the area of ​​the invisible holes, the frame deforms. And this deformation causes a change in capacitance between the capacitive reference and the capacitor plate. The capacitor sensor detects this change and converts it into an electrical signal. The hardware and software would then convert the electrical signal into a command. The input key appears invisible because it is made of the same material as the shell in which it is contained. Being backlit it can be made visible when needed.

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