Switch Pro, GameStop “anticipates” the real name of the console

L’E3 2021 constitutes an event of primary importance for the videogame community (including the industry) and fans of Nintendo they hope it is the right occasion to present the much rumored Switch Pro.

The hybrid console of the Kyoto house was a success beyond all hope, including the rosiest, and represented a real redemption for the Japanese house after the painful life cycle of Wii U.

The features that the new Pro version may have has already been talked about in the recent past following a rumor from Taiwan, technical features and resolution included.

It is not the first time that we are faced with an indiscretion of this kind: just a few days ago, a similar news had escaped a French dealer, responsible for having accidentally entered the console in its catalog.

Today, 48 hours after the Nintendo conference in the frame of theE3 2021, they arrive more news on the elusive new hardware of the Japanese company and, specifically, on the name.

It should be considered that the rumors now follow one another for weeks, with a large share of users ready to shoot for every update on the official social channels of the great N.

Today’s leak comes from GameStop, which would have inadvertently inserted a reference to the new console in a list related to console ratings (via GameRant).

The image below, from the version americana of the site, testifies to what has just been said, as can be seen in the three lines on the left:

It’s about a promotion regarding the amount that GameStop will pay in the event that users decide to “sacrifice” one of their consoles to get a new one.

The American chain will provide 50 dollars in addition to all gamers who will opt for the purchase of Switch Lite, Xbox Series X | S and New Nintendo Switch, as stated in the price list.

This would therefore be the name of the much coveted Switch Pro? Looking at the recent past of the company (New Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 2DS XL), it doesn’t seem like a hypothesis to be discarded regardless.

All that remains is to wait for the hours 18:00 Italians on Tuesdays June 15 to know all the truth and learn about the announcements Nintendo has in store for fans.

The console has been updated recently, and many users are experiencing error 2123-1502. If this has happened to you too and you are wondering what it means, know that we have already given you the answer.

E3 always brings with it a series of substantial indiscretions, the last of which would like Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service, next to the arrival on Nintendo’s hybrid.

If you are wondering about the future of the Japanese company and you are wondering what the role of a possible Switch Pro (or New Nintendo Switch) could be in the years to come, our special is here to clarify your ideas.

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