types of offers and how not to miss the best

types of offers and how not to miss the best
types of offers and how not to miss the best

Another week and it will be time for Amazon Prime Day, the event created by Amazon to reward subscribers to the Amazon Prime service. This year is the seventh edition, as we reminded you a few days ago in our article dedicated to the history of the event, and as always there will be thousands of products on offer.

The types of offers

First of all, it should be remembered that the offers valid during the Prime Day period, which will last 48 hours again this year, are reserved exclusively for subscribers to the Amazon Prime service. If you are not a subscriber, even using the 30-day trial of the service, you will not be able to access the discounted prices, therefore paying for the products at their “normal” price.

It is therefore necessary to subscribe to Amazon Prime, which among other things offers one-day shipments on millions of products, but which also includes watching Amazon Prime Video content, listening to Amazon Music, reading Prime Reading books. and much more. If you are not already registered you can do it now using the link below, so as to start taking advantage of the offers already active.

Sign up for Amazon Prime

Also this year, as happens every year, there will be tens of thousands of offers, basically divided into two types. There are Deals of the Day, which usually last for 24 hours although, depending on the manufacturer, they could last 36 or 48 hours, therefore also for the entire duration of Amazon Prime Day.

They are the “easiest” offers to grab, since you can think about them calmly and buy them for a fairly long period of time. It is up to the producers to decide whether their offers will be valid throughout the day, perhaps because they have excellent stocks and want to guarantee everyone the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity.

The second type of offers is represented by Flash Deals, the most tempting because they usually offer better discounts than “long” offers. Also in this case it is the producer who decides how to articulate the promotion, but all Flash Deals they have in common a limited duration in time, usually a few hours.

If during the year the flash offers can last 24 or 48 hours, during the Prime Day this limit can drastically drop, even up to 15 minutes. The permanence of the selected product in your cart is also limited: once you have chosen a product on the Flash Offer you will only have 15 minutes to confirm the purchase.

After the deadline the product will remain in the cart but you will lose the special price and you can buy it at the normal price. Therefore, you will not be able to enter flash offers for the whole day and complete the purchase only in the evening, to leave others the possibility to save too. If the product remains in your cart even beyond the duration of the flash offer, it could happen that you do not buy it (perhaps because you have changed your mind and found other products).

This brings us to the second limitation of Flash Deals, for which only a limited number of pieces are usually available. In any case, a status bar will always be visible in the advertisement showing the percentage of offers already requested, as well as a timer that shows the final expiry of the promotion.

Precisely by virtue of the formula that allows you to leave a product in the cart for only 15 minutes, there are Waiting Lists, to which you “subscribe” in the hope that someone will think about it or does not complete the order in time. This is a list with limited places, which can be deactivated when the list is full, and reactivated if there are places left.

If one of these two eventualities occurs, users on the waiting list will be notified by notification and will in turn have a few minutes to complete the purchase at the promotional price. When the orders for all the pieces available for a given offer are validated, the waiting lists will cease to exist and it will no longer be possible to purchase the product at the special price. In any case, the waiting lists expire at 23:59 on the day the offer was made available, and the possibility of obtaining the special price expires.

Also remember that no second thoughts are allowed: if you enter a product in the Lightning Offer in the cart, complete the order and think again, by canceling the order before its evasion, you will no longer be able to take advantage of the promotion, even if it were still in progress. Given the limitations, it is possible that at the time of the order confirmation for a product on the flash offer, the message “Check availability in progress“, Which usually occurs for the most requested products.

In this case it is necessary to wait, without reloading the page, so that the system verifies the actual availability of the product, giving priority to those who first completed the order.

How not to miss the best offers

As you can see, it is not easy to follow the many Amazon Prime Day offers but, with our help, you will at least be able to find the best deals in technology. At your disposal there are mainly two tools: our Telegram channel and the pages divided by categories.

The Telegram channel, reachable using the link found below, allows you to always have an eye on the best flash offers, those with the highest discounts or in any case that allow you to have the best purchase price. You will find them indicated in a timely manner so if you do not want to lose even one we advise you to activate the notifications, so as to always stay up to date.

Telegram Channel Prices.Tech

If, on the other hand, you want to calmly plan your purchases, discovering the best offers of the day of the Amazon Prime Day, we advise you to bookmark the pages that interest you most, choosing them from the list below.

You will find the best offers, as they are made available, some even a few days in advance of Prime Day. You will have time to discover hidden gems, and to immediately know all the promotions, each with the validity period and the final price, to better make your evaluations.

Offers by category

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