Why wait for Amazon Prime Day 2021

Why wait for Amazon Prime Day 2021
Why wait for Amazon Prime Day 2021

There is now just over a week to June 21, when Amazon Prime Day 2021 will officially open, which this year returns to its traditional location after last year’s delay caused by the coronavirus-related pandemic. Born six years ago to celebrate Amazon’s twentieth birthday, it has now become an essential appointment for shopping enthusiasts, who await it with greater anxiety than Black Friday.

What is Amazon Prime Day

The Prime Day is the event dedicated to members of the Amazon Prime program, which rewards the most loyal users with a series of benefits. Against the payment of an annual fee of 36 euros, subscribers can take advantage of fast shipping, exclusive promotions, early flash offers and all the contents of Amazon Prime Video.

Other benefits include two million songs on Amazon Music, hundreds of ebooks thanks to Amazon Prime Reading, unlimited photo storage with Amazon Photos, additional content with Twitch Prime, and one-day delivery of over two million products. .

The event scheduled for 21 and 22 June, which will involve almost 20 countries around the world, is accessible to anyone, since it has always been possible to register for free in the Prime program for a period of 30 days. Therefore, if you do not make frequent purchases on Amazon, you can subscribe without paying any fee and, if you are not satisfied with the service, cancel the subscription within 30 days.

Otherwise you will be charged the annual fee of 36 euros or, if you prefer, the monthly fee of 3.99 euros, which will allow you to take advantage of the advantages of the Prime service only in the periods in which it will be useful. If you have not already done so, you can register using the link below, so as to know in advance the offers that will be proposed at the next event.

Sign up for Amazon Prime

Because it’s worth the wait

If a subscriber to the Amazon Prime service already enjoys all these benefits, why wait for theAmazon Prime Day to make your purchases? It is easy to say: on the occasion of Prime Day there are crazy discounts, which concern tens of thousands of products for sale on Amazon.

And we are not just talking about the products marketed directly by the American giant, but also about numerous products sold through the marketplace. During Prime Day, third-party sellers are also involved, with particular attention to small and medium-sized enterprises, as evidenced by this particular initiative.

Several promotions have started a few days ago, and in some cases the producers are already applying the price that you will also find on Prime Day. We point out this kind of promotions, just to allow you to buy in peace, without surprises in a few days. The prices that we will see in about ten days will be the best of the whole year, Amazon claims that even during Black Friday there will be such high discounts.

If you are about to change your TV, appliances, telephone or computer, you should be patient for a few more days. The same is true, to an even greater extent, for those product sectors where discounts are not so frequent. We refer, for example, to clothing, which will never be affordable as this year, as well as personal care and home care products.

In fact, if technological products are subject to frequent discounts and promotions, other sectors are more “stable” from this point of view, and if you don’t want to wait for the sales, Prime Day is the perfect opportunity to save. During the 48 hours of Amazon Prime Day there will be different types of offers.

Some will last for the whole event, others only for the first 24 hours and others only for the second day. And every day there will be timed offers, limited in both validity and quantity. They are usually the most attractive promotions but also the most difficult to grasp. For this we have prepared a series of pages, divided by category, which will collect all the best offers in real time, so as to give you the opportunity to always save.

Below you will find the links that you can already add to your favorites, to have the situation under control and find out any advance offers. For maximum timeliness, join our Telegram Prices.Tech channel, where you will find all the offers, both timed and longer ones, with prices (including those prior to Prime Day) and purchase links.

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