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TV series are now our daily bread that we watch in all sorts of ways, in every place and time thanks to streaming applications that allow us to do it when we feel like it. You have often wondered: how much does an actor earn? We want to list some of the highest paid actors of recent times, with salaries reaching as much as a million dollars per episode!

The TV series I’m a shape of entertainment which has become stronger and more usable in recent years; being a fan of TV series also means knowing how to choose in an offer that often offers uninteresting projects.

It seems obvious to say it but, of course, what influences a lot is also the budget available to producers who venture into this world to make a difference.

More budget also means more well-known actors, best costumes e sets to use, making everything potentially stronger and more palatable.

Let’s find out what they are the highest paid actors of the last years.

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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones it is one of the major series success of the last twenty years; the series is known for its media power and the success that many actors have had in the following years.

From season one to last, the main cast earned $ 200,000 per episode, up to a net million. Emilia Clarke, Kit Harrington e Sophie Turner they have earned from 13 to 10 million over the seasons, becoming the highest paid actors at the time of last season’s release.

Big Bang Theory


The actors of Big Bang Theory, as well as for those of GOT, in proportion to the popularity of the show they saw theirs fees soar dramatically.

Jim Parson, Johnny Galecki e Kaley Cuoco have earned over time come on 26 to 24 million of dollars for the 12 seasons of the show.

Sex and the City

Who are the highest paid actors ever?

L’ahighest paid female actress ever, which therefore deserves an honorable mention, is definitely Sarah Jessica Parker for his evergreen role of Carrie in the series Sex and the City.

The actress, starting with third season of the show, he sensed 3.2 million dollars per episode, as well as a series of rights which amount to approx 10 million.

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