Elden Ring, when Miyazaki meets Martin: gameplay, release and all the details

When a video game disappears from the radar for a long time, there are many questions that grip the fans – even more in an age in which the jobs are shaken by a global pandemic that forces to recalendarise even the simplest of tasks, as we have told you. in this article directly from those who produce the video games. It was also the case with Elden Ring.

Announced at E3 2019, the new game by From Software under label Bandai Namco – with which the series has already been published Dark Souls – then disappeared from the scene without a trace. Years of silence have left fans with the knowledge that the director Hidetaka Miyazaki he would be working on a new nightmare universe in which to measure his skills, flanked by the unmistakable pen of George R. R. Martin.

The writer, most famous for A Song of Ice and Fire (hence the epochal series Game of thrones by HBO) has worked with From Software to build the game world. A game world that, the video shown during the Summer Game Fest confirmed, looks like a meeting between fantasies and dark persecutions of all sorts.

Elden Ring: the plot

The narrative premise of Elden Ring has in all respects the tints of fantasy, it will remain to be discovered how much it will then veer towards the dark: the players will play the role of senzaluce, a character called to recover theAncestral Ring, hence the name of the game. The references to a. Seem evident, with the mythological image of a ring of great power The Lord of the Rings of which Martin has made a generous donation also in A Song of Ice and Fire.

The Ancestral Ring, in fact, is described by From Software as “The source of the Mother Tree”, what we have seen give light and probably hope to the scenarios full of desolation and abject creatures protagonists of the new video. To be able to get our hands on the Ring we will have to measure ourselves with the beings that populate theInterregnum, the region in which to govern is the Queen Marika the Eternal.

The Ancestral Ring rules the Mother Tree

The queen’s offspring, considered to be demigods, has split up the fragments of the ring that give rise to a power too great even for them: the madness they originate leads the game world of the Interregnum to experience a huge conflict, known as the Disintegration.

In an attempt to resolve this situation and conquer the coveted ring, the Lightless – which is one of those humans who “They were exiled from the Interregnum” – will have to overcome “The foggy sea” (which seems a bit like a reminder of the lake of Bloodborne, ed) with the ambition of become the new ancestral lord.

The protagonist is described by the developers, for his being out of the grace of light (hence the name), as an individual “Lifeless yet alive”. We will see, therefore, if this condition will also affect the dynamics of the game in some way and if the condition of living and dead at the same time will give him specific skills.

The world of Elden Ring

From Software repeatedly emphasizes Martin’s work in building the game universe of Elden Ring and his hand seems to prelude to a fantasy world very different from those seen in the past. This is also a clear choice in the Artistic direction and in the choice of palettes of colors that animate the scenarios in which we will wander.

The fantasy world of Elden Ring will be populated by abominable and merciless creatures

In the Interregnum we see desolate ruins in the distance, decayed Gothic cathedrals, but also panoramas shown in a very long field that really seem to allude – as a series of rumors suggested some time ago – to contemplative and titanic atmospheres like those of Shadow of the Colossus.

The developers assure that, during our raids we will meet opponents with strong and unique personalities: this means that we must expect to measure ourselves not only with silent creatures and dedicated to tearing us apart, but with characters in all respects multifaceted, “Each animated by different motivations” and with some intentions “To hinder you or to help you during your journey”. At the moment it is not clear whether it is in any way possible to influence who will prefer to help us and who will try instead to make us pass away.

However, considering that the trailer shown seems to allude to scenarios very different from each other (think how remarkable the differences, including architectural ones, are between the ruined arches of the open areas and the silent magnificence of the gothic cathedral brushed by blue lights) it is possible that the journey will lead the player to compete with an area for each descendant of Queen Marika. This would explain, in short, the variety of scenarios and would reconnect with the events already anticipated by From Software on the last mission of the Senzaluce.

In Elden Ring we will compete with very different scenarios

Playing Elden Ring

Let’s start with an aspect that has monopolized the attention of fans after the new presentation of Elden Ring: l’exploration. The gameplay scenes showed us a noticeable openness compared to previous From Software productions, too aboard a horse which can also move vertically. It seems, in fact, that we will be able to take advantage of specific points to make our steed stand out a sort of magical leap, so as to change altitude without too much difficulty.

Speaking of exploration, From Software describes the experience of Elden Ring like the possibility of «Move seamlessly between immense expanses and narrow underground mazes». In short, do not be fooled by the many open views shown in the video: the dungeons will not be lacking and will probably make us sweat blood as usual.

No, the game world will have no mercy on you, Lightless

Among the scenarios with which we will measure ourselves, with obviously also the free decision to move on foot, if we wish, the developers anticipate mountains, prairies, swamps and castles “Ghostly” that could be the envy of Cainhurst’s forgotten presences. The idea is clear: the explorable world of Elden Ring is the most impressive ever made by From Software, which is why solutions such as horse and vertical steed shifts have been integrated to allow access to exploration in faster ways.

However, little has yet been revealed regarding the combat system. We know that, as in the tradition of many Miyazaki works, we will be able to freely create our protagonist, customizing it in appearance and in the fighting style. We will have available weapons, spells and abilities: it is therefore likely that the sequence in which the sword of the Lightless, in the video, was transformed into a long luminous blade to strike the enemy is linked to the use of a specific spell or ability.

The developers anticipate that we will be able to obtain new abilities and new spells as we proceed in the game world: however, for now we do not know exactly how character development will work: will we be defined by specific classes, perhaps linked to the fragments? It will be possible to develop the levels as in Bloodborne or to master our Lightless we will have to become increasingly agile and skilled in the combined use of weapons and spells at the right time?

In combat you will use weapons, spells and abilities

For the moment, From Software just anticipates that we will be able to play alone or by asking allies for help – which alludes a little to the collaboration mechanics present in the soulslike – but not only: the team has bet strongly on guaranteeing maximum freedom of approach, as much as regards theexploration that for what concerns the combat.

Expect, therefore, to be able to decide freely whether to attack without looking at anyone, betting everything on the direct approach and brutality, or to be able to try to surprise your opponents from behind, choosing a stealthy approach that takes into account the fact that the Interregnum could chew you and spit your bones without much hesitation.

Also, Bandai Namco has anticipated that we will live in the game the progression of the days e atmospheric changes: let’s expect, therefore, a day-night cycle and climate changes that reshuffle the cards.

When Elden Ring comes out

Two years after the announcement, during the Summer Game Fest Elden Ring he finally found his too release date. In fact, the new soulslike fantasy from From Software will arrive on January 21, 2022 and will disembark on both new and old generation consoles. The release has been confirmed on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, although at the moment it is not known on which specific platform the video that was shown during the event was shot.

The game will enjoy Smart Delivery on Xbox e whoever buys it on PS4 will be entitled to have it, then, also on PS5.

There will be no lack of underground mazes

There are not even news of different editions yet, but it is very likely that, also by virtue of the great attention and great affection received by the game, Bandai Namco wants to offer specific boxes, digital and retail, to lovers of the works of Hidetaka Miyazaki.

The certainty, for now, is that this long videogame summer has on its side a first great catalyst of attention (and, in a certain sense, of enthusiasm): Elden Ring is an extremely awaited video game and knowing that, despite the silences, the release is not so distant will certainly give life to lovers of the genre, who can’t wait to dive into the shoes of the Senzaluce to measure themselves with the brutal ruthlessness of that From Software that did school.

If you want to wait Elden Ring discovering the work of Martin, take home A Song of Ice and Fire to experience a journey that you will hardly forget.

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