found a planet similar to Earth

No Man’s Sky has thrilled millions of players around the world, who have enjoyed themselves at to discover continuously new planets and explore space.

The title of Hello Games, also available on Xbox Game Pass, has known after a start not up to expectations get up, constantly offering a new large amount of additional content.

The latest update proposed has radically changed the graphics of the title, improving it thanks to several likes additions.

The work was very much appreciated by the fans, who now believe No Man’s Sky quasi perfect: to make it so they believe that it would be enough to introduce a further addition.

A No Man’s Sky fan has discovered a planet very similar to Earth.

In the meantime, the players are having fun making numerous other discoveries: the last one involves us closely, as it has been identified a planet very similar to our Earth.

Reddit user SnooCupcakes9627, after venturing into the galaxy Eissentam, he would in fact have discovered a planet, at least on an aesthetic level, very similar to the one we currently live on.

Obviously this is not a perfect replica and there are still elements of the game created randomly that make it look unique, but it could be a great virtual substitute for humanity.

In the Reddit forum dedicated to No Man’s Sky, the fan decided to share some screenshot that show this planet, defined almost a paradise, visible day and night:


The visual is spectacular and certainly leaves the fans to imagine if in the universe there could really exist a planet so similar to Earth in all respects.

While waiting for our future home to be identified in reality, fans of the Hello Games title already seem to have succeeded in finding one. the virtual variant.

Without doubt this game is the demonstration that with hard work the way in which a game is received by the public can be completely transformed: therefore comparisons with Cyberpunk 2077, with the title of Hello Games back in trend after the launch of the CD Projekt open world.

Maybe on this new planet the fan will decide to take care of native pets, officially making it his new home.

In one of our specials we had also underlined how the macro update Origins per No Man’s Sky had finally managed to turn it into the game we wanted at launch.

If you want to go and discover new planets too, you can buy No Man’s Sky Beyond at a special price on Amazon.

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