MacOS Monterey, some news will not arrive on Macs with Intel CPUs

MacOS Monterey, some news will not arrive on Macs with Intel CPUs
MacOS Monterey, some news will not arrive on Macs with Intel CPUs

A few days ago, at WWDC 2021, Apple unveiled the next version of its operating system for iMac and MacBook: MacOS Monterey. The innovations introduced with respect to Big Sur are certainly numerous and remarkable, yet some of the most interesting may not be available for devices based on Intel processors, but only on those with chip M1 made by Apple.

Considering that the first devices with M1 processor were made available in November, it is likely that many users still have the Intel CPU-based version, who may not enjoy the following features:

  • Portrait mode on FaceTime, which basically just blurs the background during a video call;
  • Live Text, through which users can interact with the text recognized in the images;
  • The new Globe View di Apple Maps;
  • Detailed maps some cities on Apple Maps, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and London;
  • Offline text dictation;
  • Removal of online dictation limit (which on Big Sur could not exceed 60 seconds).

It is understandable that Mac owners who do not have an M1 chip are disappointed with Apple’s choice to reserve certain functions only for devices that work with the company’s processor. Furthermore, this could suggest that Apple will release software updates and introduce new features in the future only for computers with integrated M1 chip, thus going against his own statements last June, in which he stated that “Apple will continue to support and release new versions of macOS for Intel-based Macs in the future.” A decision that will make most Mac owners turn up their noses therefore, but which actually reflects the “exclusive” spirit that has characterized Apple since the presentation of its first products.

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MacOS Monterey news arrive Macs Intel CPUs

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