Fortnite, two other partnerships with Season 7: there is already the announcement

Two more level partnerships are on the way with Fortnite Season 7. The announcement has already arrived: that’s when they should arrive

With Fortnite Season 7, Two New Partnerships Will Come Soon (Twitter)

For more than 24 hours now, users of Fortnite they were able to have access to the much discussed season 7. The battle royale of Epic Games has been updated again, welcoming the aliens and many other news at the level of skins, weapons and changes to the game map.

As the most loyal fans already know, one of the strengths of the battle royale are undoubtedly the continuous ones partnership with high-level brands. This maxi update brings with it two others already announced, surprisingly and which had never been talked about before. It is still not clear exactly when they will arrive, but these are two big shots that will surely please them very much all the most loyal gamers.

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Fortnite, Superman and Rick & Morty arrive

We’re talking about Superman and Rick & Morty (screenshot)

Already yesterday we have listed all the main news that will come up Fortnite during season 7. Epic Games has announced several changes, some of which have not yet been explained in detail. This time we are talking about partnerships and, specifically, about due super skin which will be made public in the coming weeks. The first collaboration is the one with Superman, the famous “secret” skin of the season. Battle Pass holders will be able to unlock it both in version classic of the Man of Steel than in the one with the black jumpsuit.

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Same goes for Rick Sanchez, protagonist of the well-known animated series by Rick & Morty. Again, we are talking about one of the novelties that are part of the Battle Pass. To get the camouflage, you just have to play and get the game stars leveling up.


Fortnite partnerships Season announcement

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