RockYou2021: 8.4 billion passwords spread online! What to do?

RockYou2021: 8.4 billion passwords spread online! What to do?
RockYou2021: 8.4 billion passwords spread online! What to do?

It has been released in recent days the largest password list ever collected in the world. We talk about 8.4 billion access keys that each of us uses to authenticate to their accounts on the web. The list appeared on a well-known hacker forum in the form of files weighing 100 GB. The passwords have probably been collected in detail over the years, up to the disproportionate number.

“The same user also claims that the compilation contains 82 billion passwords. However, after running our tests, the actual number turned out to be almost ten times lower, with 8,459,060,239 secret words,” writes Cybernews, source of the news.

The large list was named RockYou2021 by the hacker himself, with a clear reference to another known data theft that occurred 12 years ago, in 2009, from a site called RockYou. At the time they were stolen from the database 32 million password in “plain text“, ie readable and not encrypted in any way.

The one a few days ago represents a much larger data publication. The collection includes all data leaked over the years, including those of the Compilation of Many Breaches (COMB) with his 3.2 billion of hacked passwords.

Whereas in the world there are approx 4.7 billion people on the web, the collection would potentially contain the passwords of nearly double the population registered online.

Most people use the same password for multiple applications and sites, the Advice it is therefore always that of change and diversify them between services, as well as enabling two-factor authentication where possible. Also rely on password managers and systems that offer you complex and difficult to guess passwords. In short, the tools to stay safe exist, you just need to dedicate a few minutes to safety: time is never wasted!

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