weapons, map and alien invasion

After weeks of waiting, we are finally here: season 7 has arrived on Fortnite. Here are all the main news

Fortnite, here are all the news of season 7 (screenshot YouTube)

This morning, the servers of Fortnite they went completely offline. A classic modus operandi for Epic Games, which officially introduced the season 7 of the battle royale. The advances of the past weeks have been confirmed: the aliens arrive!

With the extraterrestrials, lots of news both at the map level and with new skins and weapons. Gamers are already starting to enjoy the changes introduced by the software house, but there is still much more to discover and it will take days to not miss anything. Meanwhile, here is a quick summary of the news on Fortnite with season 7.

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Fortnite, all the additions of season 7

Finally the Fortnite season 7, and with it all the news of the update. Let’s start with the game map, with the arrival of two new areas: POls Believer Beach e Corny Complex which take the place of Sweaty Sands e Colossal Crops. At the center of the game island there is also one purple substance, which can also be found in smaller quantities in other areas.

The great protagonists are then the aliens, the new breed with different facial conformations and which will give different possibilities to the players. It will be possible for example driving UFOs as a new means of transport.

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Speaking of skins, however, already in the Battle Pass it will be possible to obtain characters of the caliber of Rick Sanchez e Superman. Then the Battle Stars return, which will allow you to level up when you get 5 of them or more. Among the first additions are Joey, Kymera, Clark Kent, Superman, Doctor Slone, Guggimon, Rick Sanchez, Sunny, Zyg, Celeste e Guernsey.

News also for what concerns the weapons, with four new extraterrestrial additions: Recon Scanner, Kymera Ray Gun, Fulse Rifle e Rail Gun. Secondly, the Creative Mode and Save the World, with new characters and items that can be used in-game. Season 7 will accompany us throughout the summer, and will end the next September 12, 2021.

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