So changes the iPhone: all the news of the new version of iOS

So changes the iPhone: all the news of the new version of iOS
So changes the iPhone: all the news of the new version of iOS

Privacy, focus, health, productivity and remote entertainment. These are the areas in which the main innovations announced by Apple during the WWDC annual event, the conference dedicated to developers, are concentrated. Lots of news that will arrive in the coming months on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac. Let’s go and see the most interesting.

Facetime now for everyone

Among the main innovations of iOS 15 – this is the name of the new version of the operating system for the iPhone – there is a completely renewed Facetime: the Apple video calling app will be available for everyone and not just for owners of a product with Apple because through the app you can – a bit like you already do for example with Teams, Zoom or Meet – create a link to a call or a meeting between several people that will also be accessible from Windows and the Web. And always with a view to repositioning itself in the world of video calls, a new Portrait function is introduced which will allow you to blur the background leaving only the interlocutor in the foreground, while background noises will be isolated in the audio. Among the other Facetime novelties there is also SharePlay: it is an interesting function that allows you to listen to music together or watch videos and TV series together or, again, share the screen between two or more people at a distance. SharePlay will work on iPhone, iPad and Mac and will allow all interlocutors to “control the remote control”.

From less invasive notifications to the new Maps app

iOS 15 also brings with it many small improvements, starting with notifications that will be less invasive: the user, in order to concentrate better, will in fact have new tools to filter apps and notifications and after a period of inactivity he will be able to have a summary for retrieve only the most important news. Furthermore, thanks to artificial intelligence, iPhone will select incoming notifications by playing only those that it deems most useful for the user. Among the many new functions, the Weather app graphically improves, which will offer more information, the Maps app will have more intuitive and three-dimensional graphics that will allow you to better orient yourself in large cities and in the most difficult junctions (also obtaining navigation via the camera already present on Google Maps) while with the Photo app you can select and then save the portions of text present in a shot (a telephone number on an advertising billboard, the text of a cooking recipe, a restaurant menu, the blackboard at the University).

The news of iPad, Apple Watch, Mac


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Many small changes also come to iPad, Apple Watch and Mac. With iPadOS 15 it will be easier to work with multiple apps together thanks to a menu that makes it easier to switch between applications or use them at the same time, while you can install widgets in the different home screens (as it already happens on the iPhone). WatchOS 8, the operating system for Apple Watch, introduces pilates and thai chi workouts and improves the Breathing app (which will be called Mindfulness) which will offer one-minute sessions to calm down and relax. Finally, macOS Monterey arrives, the operating system update for fixed Macs, which integrates, among others, all the features of the new Facetime, a version of the Safari browser with more tidy and comfortable tabs to use and the ability to share keyboard and mouse (and even move content on the fly) between a laptop, a Mac and an iPad.

Privacy and health

All the novelties of the operating systems, they explain from Apple, have been designed with privacy in mind. To give some examples, the audio of the Siri voice assistant is now processed entirely on the phone, the Mail app will prevent the sender of an email from collecting information on who opens that email and it will be easier to control app access to location, camera, microphone functions. Always with privacy in mind, the Health app will give families the opportunity to securely share health data collected by iPhone and Apple Watch remotely. Finally, it will be possible to set up a list of contacts on iCloud through which to ask for help to restore your account in case of password loss, while the digital inheritance arrives (finally): you can choose one or more people who, in case of death , will be able to access the account and recover the data.


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