Amazon, Reddit, Twitch and newspaper sites down around the world –

Amazon, Reddit, Twitch and newspaper sites down around the world –
Amazon, Reddit, Twitch and newspaper sites down around the world –

A global down hit websites from all over the world this morning, June 8th. THE sites of the most important newspapers in the world they suddenly went out of order. Just before noon, they turned out NyTimes, Guardian, Bbc. But also The World, Financial Times, The Verge, Le Monde. In Italy down the Corriere della Sera and La Gazzetta dello Sport. Not only that: malfunctions are also recorded on Amazon, Reddit, Twitch e GitHub. And institutional sites are also offline, such as that of British government.

The causes of the down are currently unknown. The errors reported were different: from a server connection interruption (Error 503) to the lack of domain recognition. The problem is, however, on a global scale. It covers American, as well as European or Australian sites. And it would be due to the CDN, or the Content Delivery Network. It is a content distribution system made up of servers all over the world spread over different networks. The site, to distribute its contents in a faster and easier way, can delegate the action to the CDN, which “replicates” the contents on its servers and distributes them to the users who request them. The malfunction is not resolved yet. Some sites are still inaccessible, others are in fits and starts. Originally there was a widespread disruption of CDN services American cloud computing provider Fastly. Which, as stated on the official website, is investigating what happened. The cause has been discovered and the technicians are working on a solution. It might have been a technical crash, and therefore not necessarily a hacker attack.

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