a PlayStation post lights up fans’ hopes

a PlayStation post lights up fans’ hopes
a PlayStation post lights up fans’ hopes

It has been rumored for quite a while about the possible arrival of Sunset Overdrive on PlayStation and a recent post shared on social networks by the official account of the Japanese giant could be a clue.

During the evening, the Twitter account of Insomniac Games it is in fact publishing images extracted from various Sony exclusives and in which dimensional portals similar to those seen in Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart have been inserted. Among the various images we find not only the PlayStation icon Sly Cooper, but also Sunset Overdrive, a title that is currently available exclusively on Microsoft platforms. Strangely the Twitter account PlayStation has re-shared all the images published by Insomniac Games, including the one dedicated to the colorful game set in Sunset City and, according to fans, it could be a sort of clue that anticipates the future arrival of the game on PlayStation.

We remind you that the IP of Sunset overdrive is in the hands of Insomniac, a software house recently acquired by Sony which, consequently, has the possibility not only to create a sequel but also to develop a port of the first chapter.

Did you know that Sony registered the Sunset Overdrive trademark a few weeks ago?


PlayStation post lights fans hopes

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