Switch Pro, check the “optimized” resolution (and it may disappoint you)

Switch Pro, check the “optimized” resolution (and it may disappoint you)
Switch Pro, check the “optimized” resolution (and it may disappoint you)

Nintendo Switch Pro returns to be talked about, in a whirlwind of rumors that precedes the event of the Japanese house for E3 2021 by a few days.

The console, which should follow the launch of the cheaper Switch Lite, is long overdue just before the event.

As we have pinned in our calendar for the event, the Nintendo Direct dedicated to the Los Angeles event is now at hand.

But a first presentation, with price and technical characteristics of the platform, could come from one day to the next.

According to a new rumor coming from Taiwan, where the console would be close to being produced, the GPU of the most powerful version of Nintendo Switch would run at 1 GHz in TV mode and 768 MHz in portability.

The console is defined as capable of pushing fino a 120fps with a 720p resolution in portability, although the Big N would be setting the standard at 60fps.

TV mode would be instead “Optimized” for a native resolution of 1440p, and therefore the long-awaited 4K would not debut at Nintendo until a future console.

DLSS would be destined to be available only in TV mode or could even be cut out of launch for technical reasons, only to arrive at a later date.

Third-party developers would have already received the development kits, and this is consistent with previous rumors on the subject.

The report includes some less credible information, such as a hypothesis coming from “rumor in Japan” that Xbox Game Pass could arrive on Switch in time for the release of the Pro model.

We know that there have been discussions on this between Microsoft and Nintendo but it seems unlikely that this will end (or, if it ever does, not so quickly).

Curiously, another reliable report had suggested how the Kyoto platform owner found himself “inspired” by the choices of the American house in terms of design for the new console.

With our Valentino Cinefra, we wondered only a few days ago if this machine and the multiplatforms really serve Nintendo right now.

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