iOS 15, MacBook Pro (and Apple Glass?) –

iOS 15, MacBook Pro (and Apple Glass?) –
iOS 15, MacBook Pro (and Apple Glass?) –

Like every year, June for Apple means WorldWide Developer Conference. The conference dedicated to the world of developers – watch the live broadcast of the event here – as in 2020, it will be entirely virtual due to the pandemic. A pity for programmers – and very young programmers – who do not have the opportunity to travel to Cupertino, but an opportunity for all fans who will be able to follow the event from home. The conference, scheduled on 7 June at 7.00 pm, can be followed from Apple’s official website, but also on YouTube, at this address. All other WWDC events – from 7 to 11 June – will be accessible to 28 million developers around the world, through the app and website dedicated to them. Over 200 online sessions, workshops, technical advice and a direct confrontation with the company’s engineers and designers. The real heart of the event. Together with the announcements of the news that await us a few months from now on Apple devices. With – maybe – some surprises. While waiting for Tim Cook to take the stage, let’s rely on the rumors to understand what we will see at this WWDC 2021.

Goodbye to iOS?

The undisputed protagonists of the WWDC are operating systems. Or rather, the updates that we will see arrive later in the fall, with the new generation of devices. And now we are moving towards an increasingly sophisticated software customization. Each device has its own operating system. This is why some rumors speak ofofficial farewell to the historical iOS. The iOS 15 version may change its name, and become iPhoneOS since the iPhone is now its place of action. We have summarized the main news here and concern the notifications – even smarter – a control center revolutionized and iMessage: Apple’s messaging platform should be enriched with several features to challenge not only chats but also social platforms. Finally privacy, a fundamental theme for Apple that has already brought to iPhones since the iOS 14.5 update new options that make the user more aware of the data he shares with developers (and third-party companies). Privacy will likely be a topic also covered in this WWDC, especially in light of the ongoing process with Epic Games (the final decision will be made this summer) and Facebook’s hostility towards the data processing features introduced by Apple.

Is the new HomeOS coming too?

Apple will also tell about upcoming updates for its other operating systems. Perhaps the most important will be iPad 15, which makes the iPad virtually similar to a Mac (and therefore a MacOS, and there will also be news on this, albeit minimal according to rumors). Then WatchOS 8, per l’Apple Watch, TvOS for the Apple TV and eventually a new operating system called HomeOS, for smart home devices.

Space also for Macs

As always, there is also a space reserved for hardware at WWDC. Here then is that this year’s event, according to Bloomberg, will be an opportunity to present new MacBooks with new Apple Silicon processors, those created in house by Apple. After the colorful iMacs presented in April, the turn of the MacBook Pro: A new 14-inch and a 16-inch model are expected to hit the market this summer along with a dedicated workstation. The new ones could also take the stage MacBook Air.

The (possible) surprise: Apple Glass

Then there is the One More Thing, that last gem that no one expects and that enriches Apple events since the time of Steve Jobs. The clues may be hidden in the WWDC launch image, or a young developer, in a memoji version, with a pair of glasses that reflect the screen of her Mac. That the time has come for the long-awaited augmented reality glasses? These viewers have been a source of indiscretion for some time. It should be a lot powerful – with 8k screens – how much expensive (we are talking about three thousand dollars). They could be the device that will really bring this technology, which Apple is investing heavily in, into our daily lives. In any case, if Apple Glasses were to actually appear at WWDC, it is unlikely that we will see them on sale before 2022.

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