Ferrari Simoom, aggressive SUV in DBX style – Mondo Auto

Ferrari Simoom, aggressive SUV in DBX style – Mondo Auto
Ferrari Simoom, aggressive SUV in DBX style – Mondo Auto

There are still several months to go before the official debut of Ferrari Thoroughbred, the first Prancing Horse SUV that will open the doors of the high-wheel segment for the Maranello-based brand. There is little information available about the first Red Sport Utility while the web continues to be populated with renderings and sketches that imagine what could be the line of the highly anticipated Purosangue, partly taking up the few details visible during the tests of the forklifts (such as the optical signature borrowed from Rome) and partly pushing as well, with much more aggressive style exercises.

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This is the case of the Ferrari Simoom, an SUV with an extreme design that seems to be inspired in part by the one brought on the road by Aston Martin with the DBX. The creation is the result of the inspiration of Dejan Hristov who published renders of what he imagines as the first Maranello SUV on his Behance page (with the permission of the awaited Purosangue). The name chosen by the car designer refers to a desert wind, with the model actually appearing to have been sculpted thanks to its prominent wheel arches and its elongated rear body. in full SUV coupé style.

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In the front part, the optical signature stands out characterized by thin and curved LED headlights that perfectly follow the fluid design of the grille and the bumper, where there are also air intakes with a sharp shape. Making the front even more interesting are the vents behind the wheel arches which allow air to flow through the hood and along the sides. Looking at the car from the side then, we can see the absence of traditional rear-view mirrors, which have instead left room for thinner elements that integrate cameras (a solution already used for example by Audi e-tron). The door handles have also been integrated into the bodywork, making the car body even more fluid and aerodynamic. At the rear, however, you immediately notice the absence of the rear window, a feature that accentuates the sporty soul of Ferrari Simoom, in full coherence with the generous diffuser with double tailpipes. Again, the optical signature is very distinctive, with a single LED motif connecting the two headlights with their characteristic circular shape.


Ferrari Simoom aggressive SUV DBX style Mondo Auto

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