Is Call of Duty going further and further to the right? –

Is Call of Duty going further and further to the right? –
Is Call of Duty going further and further to the right? –

Activision announced he had hired the third Republican politician in a few months. The last in chronological order e Grant Dixton, former White House legal counsel, during the George W. Bush administration. In this way, the company of Call of Duty makes even more evident a certain proximity of its leaders with the right americana.

Grant Dixton took over from Chris Walther as Chief Legal Officer. One of the reasons why he is remembered is that in the past he lashed out at the satirical newspaper The Onion for making a piece of satire using the presidential emblem in it. In addition to being the vice president of Boing, the company at the center of several scandals for the management and certification of the 737 Max.

Before him the controversial CEO of the company Bobby Kotick had hired Frances F. Townsend, anti-terrorism consultant for the Bush administration famous for being pro-torture, and Brian Bulatao, considered by some to be a bully, one of Trump’s “hounds”. The former is in charge of Activision’s legal affairs, while the latter is the new Chief Administrative Officer.

We do not know how these figures can influence the creative direction of series such as Call of Duty or even Blizzard’s works, but in the US some are beginning to be worried about the political drift of a giant like Activision.


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