Red Dead Redemption 2, perfect headshot reveals a gory detail

Red Dead Redemption 2, perfect headshot reveals a gory detail
Red Dead Redemption 2, perfect headshot reveals a gory detail

Almost three years have passed since the arrival of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Rockstar Games’ Western Odyssey continues to be one of the most popular products in the community.

The story of Arthur, Dutch, John and all the gang members possesses an indisputable charm linked to the narrative and the richness of the offer, full of varied and (almost) inexhaustible contents.

It is a really dense game, and it is understandable that, even after a long time, new bugs and glitches discovered by users continue to emerge. The latest in a long series allows us to take flight to reach considerable heights.

Some of these errors led to a decidedly ironic outcome, such as this unexpected encounter in Saint Denis which gave the protagonist the opportunity to carry out his revenge.

The details seem to never end, and now a particularly attentive player has found another, a lot brutal how much interesting.

User M-Crossy1 came across one curious discovery who did not fail to share on Reddit to the delight of all fans of Red Dead Redemption 2.

The player noticed that by doing it literally jump the head to an NPC, it will be possible to attend a show to say the least bloody, shown in the image below (via GameRant):

When you blow someone’s head off sometimes you can see a piece of his gum with teeth. Damn these details from reddeadredemption

This is not recommended for weak stomachs but, as you may have noticed, among the remains of the body it will be possible to find a row of teeth still attached to the gums.

It should be noted that the various weapons available have a different effect in the event that the goal is strictly to blow the skull of some unfortunate person, and in some cases (especially with small-caliber guns) Sara necessary to insist.

Consequently, the best ways to replicate the bloody result shown by the user are two: rage on the head of an NPC after killing him, or hope that the killcam in slow-motion show us an effect similar to that seen in the picture.

However it goes, to come across a similar content it will take a certain amount of time, which you can intersperse with the vision of the official film of Red Dead Redemption.

The loyalty of the fans is able to make news for itself: one of them has managed to replicate in all respects the diary in which Arthur Morgan notes fragments of life, sketches and thoughts during the adventure.

The reactions of the NPCs are very varied, and often less gory than what has been shown so far. If it occurs to you to bump into a woman without apologizing, it is good to warn you that you could run a considerable risk.

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