The best projectors to see Euro 2020 like in the stadium

Missing less and less at the moment when the spectacle of the European football Euro 2020 it will materialize for the lucky few in the form of a stadium in which to enter, take a seat and wait for the kick-off, for others – many others – in the form of a very busy schedule of games to follow from home, on the sofa, in front of the TV.

Or why not, outdoors: on the terrace, in the garden, any place can lend itself to attend a sporting event that has always given involvement and emotions. And emotions must also be shared in times of pandemics and restrictions, of course with the necessary precautions to avoid gatherings and contravening common sense, as well as the law. For see Euro 2020 as in the stadium a projector and a white wall, or alternatively a special cloth that can be purchased with a few euros on the online shops. Attending outdoor matches is the best solution, perhaps obligatory, to enjoy the path of the Azzurri and the nations involved in company: with a lot of space available and a projector you can respect interpersonal distances, and not deprive yourself of the pleasure of watching. at Euro 2020 with friends and a big screen.

How to choose projector for Euro 2020

In choosing a projector First of all, the method of use must be established, ie whether it will be used mainly indoors or outdoors. Doing so is essential to consequently choose the projector features that are most suitable for the purpose, such as the brightness maximum that in case of use in very well lit contexts – such as outdoors – it must be the highest possible, preferably superiore a 2.500 lumen.

Then there is the resolution. The market is full of models in Full HD: they are the most popular ones, but they can be narrow if you do not accept sacrifices in terms of image quality. In this case, and if you are looking for something that is future-proof, the advice is to prefer a 4K projector, the best tool for Euro 2020 and subsequent events.

Among the aspects to be evaluated are the contrast, and also in this case the higher the ratio (for example 1.000: 1) the higher the quality of vision, the technology, where LCD is better for light intensity and color saturation while DLP offers better contrasts, and of course dimensions, weight and noise, the latter aspect to be taken into consideration when looking for an indoor projector.

The best projectors for Euro 2020

It starts with “bang“, With a model of Epson which almost completely rejects compromises. This can also be understood from the very high price, but a symptom of attention to quality that is reflected in the features: 4K resolution, 3,000 lumens, 100,000: 1 contrast, images up to 500 inches and so on. One of the best options ever.

Epson EH-TW7100 Projector UHD 4K, 3,000 Lumens, 16: 9

It always continues with Epson, which is an institution in the field of projectors. Model that costs almost half compared to the previous one, but is more suitable for interiors or terraces and can be guessed from the 1,000 lumens of brightness. 2,500,000: 1 contrast, Wi-Fi, Miracast, Full HD resolution and everything you need to get comfortable on the sofa or deck chair.

Epson EF-11 – 3LCD Projector, Full HD, Wifi Miracast, Brightness of 1,000 lumens

Then there is a model ultra portable of Xiaomi, the Mi Smart Compact Projector, which will appeal to those who intend to take it everywhere. Excellent features in relation to the price: LED, Full HD resolution, voice commands thanks to Google Assistant, Android TV 9.0, speakers with Dolby DTS, up to 120 inches.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact Projector, Portable Home Cinema LED Projector, 1080P Full HD

With a derisory figure instead, he brings home the projector of vankyo, which enjoys tons of positive reviews. Wi-Fi compatible, images up to 300 inches, Full HD resolution, built-in speakers and 5,500 lumens claimed for less than 100 euros. With such a price it is worth buying it just to see how it goes.

VANKYO Leisure 430W Proiettore WiFi Full HD

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