Switch to Very Mobile. Very Mobile offers (how to activate 200 giga from Iliad)

Special offer, indeed a bomb, for those who decide to switch from Iliad to Very Mobile. WindTre’s secondary brand launches unlimited minutes, unlimited text messages and 200 gigabytes of internet for only € 7.99 per month. This is a “Flash” offer, a term that Very Mobile has evidently borrowed from the Iliad universe as this incredible offer is reserved for customers who decide to switch from Iliad to Very Mobile.

Offerta Very Mobile

Offerta Very Mobile

In summary:

  • 200 giga in 4G
  • minuti ed sms no limits
  • for 7.99 euros per month

Offerta Very Mobile

Offerta Very Mobile

By clicking on the banners in this post, you can be immediately catapulted to the official website of Very Mobile and start the online registration and purchase process. Very simple, everything is done via the internet in just a few minutes. A simplicity, here too, very similar to that proposed by Iliad. Before starting to buy the sim, however, it is necessary to choose the rate. Because, depending on the provider of origin, Very applies different prices: needless to say, the explosive 200 gig of internet is reserved for Iliad customers (and to be honest for some MVNOs).

Can this Very Mobile be trusted?

Very Mobile is a fairly new manager. More than a manager, in reality, it is a brand. Because technically it works using WindTre systems. But it’s not a real MVNO. Very not only relies on WindTre but it belongs to WindTre. And what need was there to launch into the market with a second name? To intercept, at least in part, users attracted by the super tariffs and the transparency of Iliad.

For this reason, Very Mobile is in a group of its own, which we have defined on several occasions as b-brands (secondary brands) together with Kena Mobile (by Tim) and Ho Mobile (by Vodafone).

However, we have better explained what Very Mobile is on this page.

Works well?

Objectively, the rates are really very affordable. We tested Very Mobile for several days and tried to better understand its strengths and weaknesses. If you like you can read our complete and always updated test at this link.

Here we just tell you that yes, actually switching to Very Mobile is really very convenient. In particular, perhaps we would like to recommend the switch to Very for those who are already WindTre customers. Switching from WindTre to Very Mobile allows you to take advantage of the same coverage, but paying much less than the WindTre rates and above all enjoying a formula without restrictions. If you are a WindTre customer, it is probably time to switch to Very.

Very Mobile has no constraints

No constraints and few frills. In fact, Very Mobile fully embraces Iliad’s formula for success. And for this reason its offers are all free of nasty asterisks. It means that you can switch to Very Mobile and the next month, if you feel bad, switch again. Without having to pay any penalty. A nice convenience that allows you to try Very without having to be engaged for a long time with this new manager.

The limitations of the rates of Very Mobile

Rate with a bang but what do you have to give up by relying on Very Mobile? So, unlike Iliad, it must be said that here we are talking about a b-brand. A semi-virtual. A low-cost manager who in the broader strategies of the parent manager must obviously offer a no-frills service compared to the main brand that would otherwise suffer excessively from internal competition.

By no-frills we mean no frills. That is, without a series of accessory and additional services, obviously not essential. And among these there is often, and it is also in the case of Very Mobile, a very dry customer service, where almost all operations are postponed to self-care on the site or via the Very Mobile app.

In short, a little less pampering to be able to access super affordable rates.

Another limitation is in the network speed. It is true that Very Mobile uses the Wind Tre network but uses it with the handbrake a little tighter. The maximum download speed is identical to that of Ho Mobile and Kena Mobile: 30 mbps.

And it is certainly a limitation that will make some people turn up their noses since a 4G at 30mbps is really quite neutered. Remember that Iliad, which is obviously the number one enemy to beat for Very Mobile, does not impose this kind of limitations, being a real manager and not a b-brand.

What do you think? We have tried to briefly tell you what it means today to switch to Very. But as always, we are interested in your opinion. So, if you have already made the switch to Very Mobile and want to share your experience or if you still have doubts, use the comments space right below. The UpGo team will try to answer your questions.

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