with an algorithm it hides the troubles of vip- Corriere.it

with an algorithm it hides the troubles of vip- Corriere.it
with an algorithm it hides the troubles of vip- Corriere.it

It all started as a matter of eyes (and glances): first fixed on television, for the images of the show “The pupa and the nerd», Then on smartphones, in the frantic search for the frames of that broadcast, even if the years had passed. “Many looked at me and peeked at the cell phone, some winked at each other, even the girls, and it was starting to annoy me”, he says Maria Teresa Lombardo, 31, from Turin, first model and later business woman. “Let me be clear, I do not deny anything I did, also because there was nothing wrong with that: I was 18, I was a model and went on television, then his Playboy photo, all to support my studies. But then that constant reference started to bother me ». More in a context that had nothing to do with the show: “I was attending the School of Management – he explains – and I experienced it as a problem: there is the joke, the prejudice, in short, there could be a male perception”. Specializing in marketing and media, the idea came to her: «I felt the need to delete these photos: not because I was ashamed of my past, but because of each episode we would need to reconstruct the storytelling». Contextualize it. The problem is that, if there are precise legal tools for fake news, for real news, but then judged “improper”, the discourse is much more complex. Moreover, on that global recorder of facts, images, gossip that has now become the web and, therefore, Google. Illumination: «Being known, I had to make people talk about me. Then I met Luca, and we translated everything into a report ».

Luca is the lawyer Olivetti, 55, also from Turin, the one who structured the project, between codes and algorithms, which gave life to “Legalweb“. Here is the key: «Being able to find a program that deceives Google’s algorithms. Of whose strength – he explains – we took advantage, highlighting certain news instead of others ». To summarize: if by typing a name, the search engine reports above all an episode, judged “inconvenient”, you work to create others – events, appointments, news, in short, all positive – that go to bury the previous (and negative) one. All this is made possible by a complex algorithm that governs the procedure: from when to create the news to when and how often to publish them online. Social networks included. “I’m not a classic lawyer – smiles Olivetti – and between 1997 and 2016 I taught law and new technologies at the Polytechnic, hanging out with groups of engineers and nerds”. Said with admiration, because the algorithm was the key to battling the gossip Matrix. “90 percent of law firms deal with the right to be forgotten and start from a single premise: if the news isn’t true, I’ll delete it.” The trouble, in fact, is when it is true, even if buried in the years and in the memories: which can however be dusted with a click.

Here comes «Legalweb», cleaning the record of gossip: an old flirtation, which maybe you regret, a kiss stolen by the paparazzi, a small criminal record in the midst of a life as a model citizen, the gaffe that threatens to overwhelm a career. Appreciated service, judging by the customers: politicians, especially in elections, entrepreneurs, show business personalities, sports stars. It starts from a rate of around 10-15 thousand euros, to go up, given that “serious work requires at least six months to a year”. And another project is already being studied, “One billion like», A billion likes within 24 hours. After all, this same news – from pupa to nerd – is a clever meta-narrative, a story within the story of Lombardo, which will overlap the references to the 2010 show. Marshall McLuhan would be proud: the medium is (really) the message . And, in this case, the end as well.

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algorithm hides troubles vip Corriereit

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