here’s how to send messages effortlessly

here’s how to send messages effortlessly
here’s how to send messages effortlessly

What do we want to tell you today about WhatsApp? Don’t worry, no news on privacy, but a very convenient feature

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How many times have you been told that you don’t know all the features of an app that you thought had no secrets for you? Surely this is also the case for WhatsApp, which produces lots of novelties, especially in recent times.

Not a challenge, but we bet you didn’t know how to look at someone’s status without being seen? Here, but there is not only one of the many secrets of the messaging app, which probably for someone, represents a novelty. And here then, too like texting without lifting a finger.

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WhatsApp messages, why on earth type?

True, we could also type texts or record vowels as we have always done, but it is not out of laziness (or maybe yes) that we will need to know this function. Indeed, not everyone has the opportunity to use WhatsApp comfortably, among other things we may have to remind someone while we study and the mobile phone is far away, while we are playing a video game that we cannot stop, or even if we are driving.

Here, for example, in the last case it is much better to know how to write on WhatsApp, without necessarily having to click and enter the chat, both for the danger and for the costs of the fines. Meanwhile, discover also the trick to record without getting caught.

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But we were saying messages. No, it is not about recording a voice, because even there we would have to use our hands to click on the app icon, and then to press on the microphone. Instead, to do everything of the remote, you just have to talk. If we use an Android, it will suffice to say: Ok Google. Small interval and then just tell the voice assistant what we want to do: Send a WhatsApp message to …, remembering under which name we have saved the person we are interested in in the address book. Simple right? And above all comfortable.

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