New 2021 bonus: € 100 without ISEE for everyone! How does it work?

New 2021 bonus: € 100 without ISEE for everyone! How does it work?
New 2021 bonus: € 100 without ISEE for everyone! How does it work?

It awaits the debut of a new bonus which will join the list of those provided by the Government for 2021. The TV bonus, this is the name of the facility in question, will allow families to obtain incentives from themaximum amount of 100 euros to be used exclusively for the scrapping of an old television set replacing it with a new generation one.

In truth, this is not a newly introduced benefit.

The bonus already existed contemplated me amounts and methods of access that jeopardized its take-off. The first version of the TV bonus provided, in fact, a subsidy of 50.00 euros based on the ISEE value of the applicant family.

A change was more than necessary. Especially if you want to keep up with the technological revolution: the replacement of TVs in the homes of Italians proceeds at a snail’s pace while the most recent version of digital terrestrial is ready to make its debut in our homes.

For this reason the Government is pushing for the TV scrapping bonus. A sort of financial aid of great amount not exceeding 100.00 euros per family unit regardless of the Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator (ISEE).

To find out which other 2021 bonuses can be requested without ISEE, we recommend watching the Mondo Pensione YouTube video.

Pending the implementation decrees of the MEF and the Ministry of Economic Development that regulate the measure, let’s analyze what is the TV bonus and what are the requirements to be met to have access to the facility.

100 euro TV bonus without ISEE: what it consists of

As previously mentioned, the new version of the TV bonus is in its infancy. But it seems to be The economic allocation of 100 million euros in the Draghi government’s plans to favor Italian families by assigning a contribution of up to 100 euros as an incentive for the scrapping of old TVs.

Approval of the decree is awaited for now on the table of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Economic Development. The Government’s intent is clear: with the TV bonus they want to help those families that would meet some difficulty in supporting the cost of purchasing new televisions.

Technological adaptation is in fact inevitable. From 22 June 2022, progressively and gradually, change the system to be able to watch TV programs. In more technical terms, starting from this date it is necessary to adapt to the new digital terrestrial TV standards: we will switch to DVBT-2 / HEVC with Hevc main 10 encoding.

Therefore, it will be necessary run for cover or by purchasing a new television set, or a decoder (which is compatible with the TV you already own) in order to continue to tune in to your favorite TV channels and programs.

However, the technological revolution will begin long before next year. At the date of 1 September 2021 TVs that fail to decode HD TV channels will be cut offre following the modification of the coding and compression standard scheduled for that date.

Therefore, as early as September 1, 2021 many will have to change TV or have to buy a decoder last generation.

50 euro TV bonus: why a flop?

By virtue of the upcoming changes, the Government had intervened in the past (Budget Law 2018) to support families with the TV and decoder bonus to be used for the purchase of new TV models or compatible decoders, so as to be able to adapt to the transition imposed by DVB T1 to DVB T2.

At the time, however, it was decided for an amount of the TV bonus not exceeding the threshold of 50.00 euros to be delivered only at families with ISEE below 20,000 euros and yes apply until December 2022, against an overall allocation of 150,000 euros to cover the measure.

However, the84% of these resources are unused. This is what the Undersecretary for Economic Development in the Chamber, Anna Ascani, announces. also confirms this: “so far it has been only 16% used of these resources. From here therea decision on a new incentive which provides for scrapping and which promises to be more generous, with a value of up to 100 euros (the contribution is lower if the product costs less than 100 euros, in the case of a decoder) “.

Hence the need for reformulate and review the Bonus tv and decoder in figures and entry requirements. The big news concerns, in fact, the cancellation of any ISEE limit to be able to request and obtain the subsidy.

TV bonus of 50 euros: how the current benefit works

It is necessary to do some order. At the moment, the only benefit that can be requested to buy a new television set or decoder is the 50 euro TV bonus bound to the limit ISEE of 20,000 euros for each family unit.

More clearly, Pending the implementation decree that gives way to the new version with the most consistent benefit in the amount and without ISEE thresholds, is the 50 TV bonus that can be used for the purchase of latest generation TVs and decoders compliant with the new television standards established, namely DVB-T2 with Hevc Main 10 encoding, operational from 2022.

You can take advantage of the TV bonus of 50 euros until the end of December of the current year or, alternatively, until the resources provided for the facility will be definitively exhausted.

In addition, it will take the form of a discount on the sale price and will be applied by the shop where the new TV or decoder will be purchased, for a maximum amount of 50 euros or, if the purchase price of the appliance is lower than this amount, for an amount equal to the sale price of the latter.

The retailer will then recover the discount granted in the form of a tax credit. It should be noted that the TV bonus exclusively concerns televisions bought or owned before September 16, 2018, date on which the Hevc Main 10 standard came into effect.

How to check if the TV is suitable for HD reception

Per avoid running into unpleasant surprises and to buy a TV that is not compatible with the required standards, it is necessary to provide a series of indications.

Those who have purchased a TV from December 22, 2018 onwards they can sleep soundly. Starting from this date, in fact, all shops are required to sell TV devices compliant with the new DVB-T2 standard with Hevc Main 10 encoding. In this case, you will not have to buy a new television set.

The fulfillment of this requirement can also be inferred from the manuals and / or technical data sheets of the televisions on which the mention “DVB-T2 Hevc Main 10 must appear“, Ascertaining compliance with the required standards.

Also, it can be verified whether the TV is suitable for receiving HD programs, that is to say if it is suitable for the first technological change that will take place with the transition from MPED-2 to MPEG-4, starting from 1 September 2021.

Check if your TV set meets this requirement it is quite simple. Just type from the TV remote control the number of a channel that it already broadcasts on high definition (HD): LA7, Canale 5 HD, Rai HD and so on.

Even just one channel visible on the screen is enough for confirm the compliance of your TV to receive the HD signal. Otherwise, you will have to proceed to replacement of your device broadcast before 1 September 2021, perhaps using the dedicated TV bonus.

Bonus TV to be used in case of non-compliant devices

To ascertain the predisposition of the tv ai changes that will be introduced starting from June 2022, ie the adaptation to DVB-T2 standards with Main 10 encoding, you can fa series of tests from your TV typing i test channels 100 (Rai) and 200 (Mediaset).

If the wording “Test Hevc Main10” appears on the screen, the TV is compliant to the new transmission standard. The same test can be made on Mediaset channel 200.

In the event that the above impression appears “channel not available”, you will have to buy a new TV with the possibility of using the 50 euro TV bonus.

Anyhow, it’s just evidence. Even if the television or decoder is suitable for the standards, some problems may occur problems in the appearance of the written which ensures the compatibility of the device.

Failure of the tests could be related to other causes: the impossibility of the TV to hook up to the frequencies, the temporary non-reception of the two channels, or the presence, always temporary, of a channel instead of those mentioned.

Therefore, before purchasing a new TV or decoder it is highly recommended to perform a re-tuning of the channels from the settings menu of your television set.

Bonus Tv: how to get it

In order to have access to the TV bonus a number of requirements must be met. First of all, an ISEE value of the family unit interested in benefiting from the benefit is required not exceeding the threshold of 20,000 euros. Having satisfied this constraint, the 50 euro TV bonus will be paid upon payment.

It is up to the seller to apply the discount directly on the purchase price of the new TV. In order for the bonus to be recognized, a model must be presented in the shop compiled in all its parts, including those in which you declare to be resident in Italy and not to exceed the ISEE threshold of 20,000 euros for families.

As the form must be submitted in original copy and with handwritten signature, you will not be able to use the TV bonus to purchase the television set online, except in the case in which thepurchase is made online but can be picked up from a physical store where you will be able to show the model that gives you the right to the discount of 50 euros.

It should be remembered that the TV bonus can be used by only one member of the family and for the purchase of only one TV.

Those who want to save money, avoiding the purchase of a new TV, I can buy a decoder using the special bonus.

The choice could range from the devices included in the price range from 25 to 30 euros, and in this case the € 50 bonus would cover the entire purchase price, or you could decide to choose a decoder from 50 to 150 euros, up to much more expensive devices.

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