PlayStation Store, 9 PS4 games found for less than one euro

PlayStation Store, 9 PS4 games found for less than one euro
PlayStation Store, 9 PS4 games found for less than one euro

Nine titles for PS4 e PS Vita are currently the protagonists of a series of discounts on the PlayStation Store. We are talking about prices that are between € 0.39 and € 0.99, with significant cuts on the initial amounts.

In some cases, PlayStation Plus owners will be able to take advantage of additional cuts that will increase the percentage already reduced thanks to the offer by 10%.

In the meantime, we remind you that the sales related to the Days of Play initiative will remain in effect until 9 June, and will guarantee you the opportunity to benefit from significant discounts (up to 85%) on many products.

To increase the scope of the offers comes a further promotion on the subscription to PS Plus and PlayStation Now, in this case both for the quarterly and for the annual option.

The games featured in this new series of rebates are not AAA titles, but they will still manage to keep you busy by guaranteeing you a good dose of fun.

Let’s see specifically what products it is and on which consoles it will be possible to play them:

  • Flatland Prologue (PS4) – €0,39
  • Timber Tennis Versus (PS4) – €0,39
  • I Want to Be Human (PS4) – €0,49
  • Savage Halloween (PS4) – €0,99
  • Dogurai (PS4) – €0,99
  • Blasting Agent Ultimate Edition (PS4, PS Vita) – € 0.89
  • Stretch Arcade (PS4) – €0,99
  • Spooky Chase (PS4) – €0,99
  • Wardogs Red’s Return (PS4) – €0,79

He thinks about opening the dance Flatland Prologue, fast-paced minimalist platformer with high difficulty level, with levels handcrafted by the developers.

For fans of sports titles with a strong arcade imprint there is Timber Tennis Versus, thanks to which it will be possible to climb the rankings using a large number of special skills.

The list continues with I Want to Be Human, decidedly ironic product that will follow the events of a couple subjected to genetic manipulation by evil forces determined to conquer the world.

Savage Halloween is a shooter with platform elements that will put you at the center of 7 scenarios with a varied and dynamic gameplay and the welcome addition of a local multiplayer mode.

Blasting Agent Ultimate Edition will make fans of arcade classics like Metal Slug, thanks to the presence of numerous levels, many unlockable power-ups and a Boss Rush mode.

As you may have noticed, the games present constitute a general offer not to be missed, and by taking advantage of your PlayStation Plus subscription you can benefit from even greater discounts.

If, on the other hand, you are oriented towards products of a completely different genre, know that Sony has launched a new series of sales on indie games, including Oddworld e Disco Elysium.

Last week, the star of a noteworthy discount had been Final Fantasy XIV, still redeemable at a reduced price (with all expansions) until June 10, the day of the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade su PS5.

Meanwhile, the offer of the week will allow you to take home a game that is as recent as it is loved, which you can fully enjoy in the company of a friend.

Did you miss any titles on PlayStation Store? You can recover it by purchasing a refill on Amazon.

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