the lava overwhelms him, thrilling video

the lava overwhelms him, thrilling video
the lava overwhelms him, thrilling video

A drone flies over the erupting Fagradalsjfall volcano and falls into it, the unique images in the video in Iceland: so the lava destroys it in seconds

Drone flying over Fagradalsfjal volcano: lava overwhelms it, thrilling video (Getty)

The drone flies on vulcano erupting, but does not resist the enormous heat given off by the lava and falls into it. The video it’s spectacular and shivers. Director Joey Helms, who specializes in shooting with drones in evocative settings, has sacrificed one of his precious devices to create a video which shows a very emotional first person sequence.

His drone flew over the vulcano Fagradalsfjall, on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula. The crater resumed its activity in March, and in recent weeks it has become even more intense. The director’s intent was not to destroy his drone, but to make spectacular shots, shooting the path of the lava and showing images that could otherwise have been shot.

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The drone ends up in the erupting volcano: the subjective video puts the chills

Despite calculating an approximate safe distance, Helms could not help but watch his small aircraft drop altitude and end up inside the lava, with the images breaking abruptly in the scorching sea of ​​the vulcano. It is evident that the enormous heat developed by the lava has created difficulties for the drone, which began to lose altitude and crashed.

It is equally obvious that in wanting to get too close to shoot the suggestive video, Helms was unable to pull up the device, resigning himself to losing it. Fortunately, the images transmitted and recorded in real time remained, giving a very short but exciting video, also useful for scientific purposes. “Around the volcano there are gases that emit strong turbulence – explained the director commenting on the video – and often hot fragments are released from the lava. Flying in these conditions is very difficult ”.


lava overwhelms thrilling video

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