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A beloved reader of ours, Gianni Cardone, pointed out that the book Trauma Team in Italian of Cyberpunk 2077 it’s buggy: some of the pages are in fact in Spanish.

Probably the person who made it edited both editions and did not correctly replace all the texts in our own one, sending this little mess to the printers. Let’s see some explanatory images, always sent to us by the good Gianni:

Some pages of the book are in Spanish
More Spanish for everyone
We love Spain
We love Spain

Unfortunately, hardly the book can be patched. So whoever bought it will probably have to keep it as it is. At least you can try to contact the publisher to see if in the meantime the problem has been solved and replacement books have been produced (consider that Trauma Team has been available for a few months). Or he can keep the buggy book and hope that one day it will become a collector’s item that makes him extremely rich.


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