F1 GP Azerbaijan, the secret of a competitive Ferrari in warming up tires

F1 GP Azerbaijan, the secret of a competitive Ferrari in warming up tires
F1 GP Azerbaijan, the secret of a competitive Ferrari in warming up tires

Ferrari has modified some tire warming procedures, to make the most of them in the ideal window: so also in the Azerbaijan F1 GP, Mattia Binotto’s team shows a performance above expectations

Awareness of one’s own means, this is the feeling you breathe in Baku, in the Ferrari F1 garage. The Maranello team had left for the Azerbaijan GP without too many illusions after the competitiveness test of the SF21 in the Monaco GP with Sainz’s podium and Leclerc’s pole. Baku, despite being a city track, is the opposite of that of the Principality, therefore the characteristics that had allowed the SF21 to take pole position with Leclerc and second place in the race with Sainz, should not have constituted a treasure that can also be spent in Azerbaijan by the team directed by Mattia Binotto.

the ferrari change

Yet the SF21 is a car capable of inducing high energy on the tires: thanks to an aerodynamics capable of producing a load with the bottom of the car decidedly higher than that of the SF1000 of 2020, it follows a similar but less extreme approach than the Red Bull at the level of rake trim (beaten). This aspect proved crucial even on tracks like this one, where efficiency should have been the winning weapon. Centering the tire operating temperature windows is a leit motif well known, in fact a catchphrase that positively and negatively affects the competitiveness of an F1. The capacity shown by the SF21 is also the result of a different “heating” procedure (warming up in gergo tecnico)in the lap preceding the launched one, based on a progressive induction of energy / heat that allows uniform heating of the rolling band of the tires, without thermal shock: this has allowed above all in qualifying to be more effective than the McLaren MCL35M, its direct rival , for third place in the Constructors’ ranking, and Binotto & co. they are aware of it.

chain development

The developments that have followed, although not extensive, have consolidated this characteristic and strengthened the overall balance and effectiveness of the car compared to the car of the Woking team. Some elements of the SF21 project, however hidden, such as the ducts that distribute the heat produced during braking inside the brake baskets, for better transmission to the tires, completely redesigned compared to the SF1000, have made a strong contribution. In short, despite the fact that the SF21 on paper is a car that expresses its maximum potential in the guided sectors of the circuits as in the T3 in Barcelona, ​​it has shown that by being able to reduce the incidence of the wings (ergo the load produced by these) to improve efficiency on the straight , without crashing the tires, it can “almost” be a car all round, that is, effective even where on paper he should have played in defense. In the Ferrari garage, Binotto and his men seem to be aware of this …

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Azerbaijan secret competitive Ferrari warming tires

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