Porsche Macan Gts: test, data sheet, price of the sports SUV

Porsche Macan Gts: test, data sheet, price of the sports SUV
Porsche Macan Gts: test, data sheet, price of the sports SUV

The Gts version represents the right balance between practicality, ride comfort and performance. Satisfying to drive, the 2.9-liter V6 engine has been updated and now delivers 380PS and 520Nm of torque. Prices from 82,290 euros.

Tommaso Marcoli

June 5th

In the course of designing and fine-tuning the Macan Gts, Porsche engineers must have had the balance between practicality, comfort and performance as their ultimate goal. All qualities that in fact are found on the German SUV, defining it as a product with the highest structural and engineering features. Satisfying to drive, functional for daily needs, compact in size, with good habitability and capable of offering a sporty dynamics from a higher segment. It is such a complete and well-made car that it almost cancels the perception of speed: an element that could partially compromise the experience of use, and that certainly requires considerable attention from the driver. Porsche Macan Gts is available starting from a list of 82,290 euros.

Porsche Macan Gts: how it’s made

Compared to the less sporty models of the Macan range, the Gts has a lowered trim by 15 mm, the specific side skirts and bumpers with glossy black details, the 21 “Sport classic alloy wheels painted in black; all elements that lead back to an identity certainly more closely linked to Porsche’s competitive heritage. The interiors largely reflect the style and organization of the Macan line, with some additions: Alcantara dominates the door panels, front armrest, seats and steering wheel. The on-board entertainment system on a 10.9 “screen is pleasant: the surface is tactile and responds precisely and punctually to stimuli. The graphics are always clear and there are numerous contents available. Connected to the network, the system updates itself remotely and allows for real-time traffic information; the navigator is of excellent quality, offers clear indications and communicates in advance the turn or direction to take at a junction. On the central tunnel there are numerous (too many?) Commands: from here it is possible to select suspension calibration, off-road driving mode, activation of the sports exhaust and even air conditioning. However, the organization and arrangement of the same remains rather rational and practical, but a little practice is required to master these settings properly without having to distract from the driving phases. The choice to keep the physical buttons for adjusting the temperature and the ventilation speed is winning: it is always the most ergonomic and safe solution. Very good too habitability: driver and front passenger live in a well-finished and carefully designed environment; the same goes for those who sit in the back, where only those who occupy the seat in the center of the sofa are sacrificed a little. The boot capacity is 488 liters, in the average of the segment to which they belong.

Porsche Macan Gts: how it goes on the road

On the road, the Porsche Macan Gts surprises: despite the very sporty setting, it proved to be comfortable and very pleasant even in the most relaxed driving. The engine has a remarkable brilliance and peak torque at just 1,750 rpm: a rather low value that allows you to have the 520 Nm of torque. Overtaking and restarting are therefore not a problem. In common conditions, the smooth running is exceptional and once cruising speed is reached you travel in a very well soundproofed environment. You can barely hear the aerodynamic rustles and the rolling noise of the tires, also due to the 21 “rims. Convincing also the behavior in the city, where they are appreciated agility and compact size, qualities that allow excellent ease as well as facilitate parking maneuvers. The steering is soft and light, but precise and allows you to immediately create a good understanding with the vehicle. The structure confirms to be extremely solid and balanced to the point of almost canceling the perception of speed. The V6 engine, also due to the very low peak torque, is always ready and with 380 hp of power In a short time, values ​​incompatible with the highway code are reached. A condition common to many other sports cars, but here made more attractive by the dynamic balance achieved by the Macan. Its solidity and perfect balance restore safety and stability to such an extent that you do not notice the real speed reached: keeping your foot on the gas, it is easy to touch quite high numbers. Certainly, this testifies to the very high level achieved by Porsche in making high-performance road cars regardless of the segment they belong to (almost unique quality in the sector); sitting behind the wheel of a model like Macan Gts, special attention is required. If, on the other hand, you want to fully exploit its potential, the track is the ideal territory.

Porsche Macan Gts: how it goes on the track

Casual, balanced and smooth on the road, sharp, precise and engaging on the track. Although it is a model designed primarily to accommodate and satisfy daily needs, Macan Gts has also demonstrated satisfactory behavior on the track. In the sportiest mode, the engine delivery is exuberant; all-wheel drive is effective in keeping the car attached to the asphalt, even in fast cornering. The steering stiffens but gains precision, the insertions and exits are thus even faster and it is possible to set and maintain the trajectories in an even better way. Equally effective are the brakes: the standard ones are already sufficient to slow down the car in complete safety even at high speeds; in option they can be chosen in ceramic carbon. The sound is also engaging, which with the exhaust valves open is penetrating and exhilarating. Given the structure, size and type of vehicle, the path where Macan’s skills stand out best is a fast mixed: in the strait you would not be able to appreciate its dynamic qualities while on a track that is too fast you would risk putting too much strain on the car. Quick and precise in all conditions the valid automatic transmission with double clutch and seven speeds. In the segment, however, it is difficult to find another protagonist who can offer similar skills even on the curbs without actually giving up anything once on the road.

Pros and cons

Like it: excellent dynamic balance. Comfortable and versatile, on the road it is satisfying and on the track it is exalted. An ideal compromise between performance and ride comfort.
Do not like: its perfect balance risks inhibiting the sense of speed achieved. Too many physical buttons on the center console that risk distracting the driver. The price can go up with numerous accessories.

In summary

Porsche once again raises the bar for compact high-performance SUVs and the Macan Gts is probably the best compromise in the segment between performance, comfort and practicality. Perfectly balanced, it has a satisfying behavior on the road and is exalted between the curbs of a track; the V6 engine is a masterpiece. Refined without being too sophisticated the interior environment even if the controls on the central console are really too many. Macan Gts can thus be the perfect companion in everyday life, for long journeys, for having fun while driving and even for escaping to spend a weekend on the track. A true Porsche through and through.

Porsche Macan Gts product details

Engine: displacement: 2,894 cc; N cylinders: 6 to V; power: 380 Hp; maximum torque: 520 Nm; n ° gear ratios, 7, robotic double clutch; four-wheel drive.
Dimensions: length: 4,690 mm; width: 1,930 mm; height: 1,610 mm; wheelbase: 2,810 mm; weight: 1.910 kg; trunk capacity: 488 liters.
Performance: acceleration 0-100 km / h: 4.9 seconds; maximum speed: 261 km / h; emissions: 216 g / km CO2; consumption: 10 l / 100 km.
Price: starting from 82,290 euros.

June 5 – 08:25


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