the reveal will not happen before E3 2021

the reveal will not happen before E3 2021
the reveal will not happen before E3 2021

Nintendo Switch Pro it seems to be one of the worst kept secrets ever: it has been talked about for at least a couple of years, with numerous insiders and authoritative journalists who said they were certain of its existence. The Kyoto house, however, continues to be silent, and in recent days there has been a lot of confusion regarding the reveal.

For days and days, accredited sources have not fueled the hopes and curiosity of gamers by talking about an imminent presentation of Nintendo Switch Pro, which as you well know has not yet taken place. Some were ready to bet everything on a reveal many days before E3 2021, a digital event that will not start before next weekend, but now the air has changed and also Jeff Grubb, among the most active in this wave of rumors, has partially retracted his predictions.

In the last episode of the podcast GamesBeat Decides, the reporter and insider touched on the subject by explaining that Nintendo’s internal plans would change for unknown reasons, and that the presentation of Switch Pro (or whatever its name will be) would have been postponed to an unspecified period, but certainly not placed before E3 2021. The Nintendo Direct will take place on Tuesday 15 June at 18: 00 and will be entirely focused on games, as stated by the Kyoto company itself, so according to Grubb the reveal could take place shortly after the fair.

As for the console launch window, the reporter claimed to “have always felt 2022”, even if we do not feel we can totally exclude 2021. In short, the most absolute uncertainty continues to reign.


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