The WhatsApp trick to find out who has added you to their contacts

The WhatsApp trick to find out who has added you to their contacts
The WhatsApp trick to find out who has added you to their contacts

Do you think you know your WhatsApp contacts? Okay, you know the ones you saved on your phone, but you want to know who added you? Do you want to know if someone you don’t know has added to you?

There is a way to realize this: here’s how to know if someone has added you on WhatsApp, or if a person has deleted you from their contact list without you knowing. There is a feature that will help you find out: broadcast lists.

This is the tool that allows you to send the same message to multiple contacts at the same time, without having to create a group and without having to write the message over and over again in each chat.

And here’s the trick: Broadcast lists have a unique feature, which is that only people who have added you to their contact list will receive your messages. If you have been unsubscribed for any reason, then, the message you send will never appear as delivered or read.

To find out who added you just launch a broadcast, wait for the contact list to open and then choose the ones that don’t have a name, a photo, profile information: in short, those you don’t recognize. After about 30 minutes by clicking on the “Info” option you will see who has already read the message, who has received it and who has not. Those who received it have surely added you to their contact list; If you don’t recognize someone, or you recognize someone you don’t want to be able to contact you, block them immediately and check your privacy settings.

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WhatsApp trick find added contacts

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