with 25 € the TV flies and there is YouTube

Turn the mange of the passage to the new digital terrestrial DVB-T2 in an opportunity: no need to change the TV, just a good decoder, which costs little and makes even the old TV with scart socket smart! What I want you to discover today you get it for € 25 from Amazon and, super neat, it also supports YouTube.

New new digital terrestrial DVB-T2: 25 € and solve

The passage is upon us. From September, if your TV doesn’t support it standard DVB-T2 it can no longer be used to watch TV channels you love. No Rai, no Mediaset, no regional channels. Panic!

The question that many people ask is: do i have to change the tv? Be wary of who, to this question, should answer yes. This is just an excuse, maybe to sell you a new television.

What you need to do is a quick test (you can use our guide) to see if your television natively supports new digital terrestrial. If so, that’s perfect – you don’t need anything else. If not, solve it with very little: just a decoder to connect to the TV. You don’t have to change the whole panel.

The question is: which decoder to buy, which works well and doesn’t cost a fortune? In this I can help you, showing you the potential of a super cheap product. The Leelbox brand is a guarantee when it comes to choosing electronic devices that play great from the point of view ofbalance between quality and price.

The gem in question has a price of about € 25 on Amazon and is packed with features. First of all, it naturally supports the standard DVB-T2: perfect for the new digital terrestrial. Then, you can connect it to your panel through the output HDMI or the old one SCART: it also works on the old CRT TV, so.

Given that the software is easy to use and that the product works well and costs little, it may already be a great choice. This decoder, however, has two other tricks up its sleeve and it is worth knowing them to make the most of it.

The first is related to the front – there is a USB port. Do you know why it is precious? Connect an external memory to us and you can play the your videos, your photos and even your music, as if it were a real multimedia player. Not only that: on that same memory, you can record the programs broadcast on TV and watch them later. A show, in short.

The second ace in the hole is a very interesting gem: this decoder you can connect it to the Internet and use it to watch videos directly from YouTube! How do you connect it? As you prefer: through the ethernet port (therefore cable) or via WiFi (in this case, however, you need a wireless key, not included in the package, such a product).

In short: from a problem – that of the transition to new digital terrestrial – to an opportunity. From old TV to smart TV with DVB-T2 support. The decoder you were looking for, get it now at an exceptional price directly from Amazon.

The final price is € 25.49 and the shipments are fast and free, guaranteed by Prime services. Did you like this gem? You can find the best on the official Telegram channel of Telefonino.net!

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