Call of Duty Warzone, today’s update changes Verdansk (again)

Call of Duty Warzone, today’s update changes Verdansk (again)
Call of Duty Warzone, today’s update changes Verdansk (again)

The weekly update of Call of Duty Warzone scheduled for today, June 3, 2021, puts an end (and rather suddenly) the 80s-themed Action Hero event that began a few weeks ago.

The “twin” battle royale of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War it has in fact changed the cards on the table again.

Raven Software has confirmed that the special contracts of Nakatomi Tower (inspired by the movie Die Hard) have been removed and the vault is now closed.

Additionally, the CIA outpost of Verdansk it is no longer operational and the survivors’ camps (linked to the character of John Rambo) have been abandoned.

But that’s not all: the Blood Money Trios are back on the map, while the Power Grab and Plunder Trio have been removed. For Rebirth Island, the Mini Royale Trios are back, while the Resurgence Quads remain in the playlist.

The patch notes also hint at the resolution of some bug, in addition to the correction of an issue that prevented the correct adjustment of the horizontal recoil of the FARA 83, in addition to a glitch that caused the appearance of the reticles of Modern Warfare su Axial Arms 3x e Royal & Kross 4x.

Raven Software also revealed that some are on the way improvements to optics and reticles of Black Ops Cold War in Season 4, as well as changes to accessories.

In any case, here you will find the complete list of changes made by the patch (strictly in English)

We remind you that an update of Call of Duty Warzone it had changed a lot of things within the battle royale.

WarzoneLikewise, it is constantly changing, as programmers presented an almost completely revamped Verdansk just a few weeks ago.

Have you already read in any case also that Activision is about to close an online game made in collaboration with the Chinese giant Tencent?

If you feel like going back to the war, you can always retrieve Call of Duty: Modern Warfare at a very low price on Amazon!

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