Fortnite Season 7, the launch teaser and official date revealed – VIDEO

Fortnite Season 7, the launch teaser and official date revealed – VIDEO
Fortnite Season 7, the launch teaser and official date revealed – VIDEO

Now here we are: Fortnite season 7 is one step away. Thanks to a leak, we have access to the teaser and the launch date

Fortnite, here is the first teaser and the release date of season 7 (screenshot)

The wait is almost over. Fortnite is about to go out with the much talked about season 7, which will bring with it news both in terms of the map and of skins, weapons, vehicles, etc. Thanks to the work of the various dataminers on the web, we can say well in advance that the main theme of the season will be UFOs and extraterrestrials. There are even those who have already met the third type with the in-game aliens.

For a few hours, HYPEX has dropped the bomb: published both the first official teaser of the season that the exit date. We are talking about the two main pieces of information that users have been looking for for some time. The release date has been confirmed, which has been talked about a lot: the update will arrive on June 8th, that is next Tuesday.

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Fortnite Season 7, here is the new launch teaser

Starting with the next one June 8, the update of Fortnite to season 7. The well-known leaker HYPEX has had a preview access to the teaser of the new season, which already gives us some first previews of what will arrive in the coming weeks. It is still unclear if there will be the classic end-of-season event and especially when it will take place.

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Certainly over the next few days clues will pop up inside the game island, and who knows that the dataminers will not be able to find other useful information in this regard. Returning to the teaser, the words “They are arriving”Does nothing but confirm the arrival of aliens in Fortnite.


Fortnite Season launch teaser official date revealed VIDEO

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