Blood Bowl 3 – anteprima

The first Blood Bowl of Cyanide, therefore the transposition into a video game and not the classic board game of the Games Workshop of which it exploits the license, was an experiment that was successful in half because it was actually divided in half: on the one hand there was the mode that faithfully recreated the board game and in the which action was broken up by very reasoned shifts and, on the other hand, that which instead tried to transform the gameplay into a sort of FIFA in fantasy sauce, all in real time.

The real-time mode was supposed to serve to widen the possible audience, but soon the French developers realized that that audience had no intention of abandoning Messi, Salah and Chiesa in favor of dark elves, warriors of chaos and very fast skaven.

With Blood Bowl II released in 2015, Cyanide therefore decides to eliminate from the equation the commercially superfluous mode to concentrate totally on the turn-based one, thus managing to package a digital version of Blood Bowl of the highest quality, if we want to the limit of the perfection. And the target audience rewards the choice, transforming the game into a little big success, still played today through many official and amateur tournaments that take place every day.

In our Blood Bowl 3 preview let’s find out the plans for the third chapter.

Word to the public

Blood Bowl 3: as colorful as ever, the new game in the series promises a clear graphical leap from the past

With Blood Bowl 3, this time the goal is to improve what was not possible to achieve 100% with the second game, and to do so Cyanide has decided to take all the time necessary: ​​not only has this sequel been announced a full six years after the previous one, but also the path that will lead him to the stores is slow and reasoned, with a long beta phase open to all that starts today and ends on June 13, a version early access scheduled for September and finally a release date that should materialize in the first months of 2022. With Blood Bowl 3 it is the public who leads the hand of the developers, and this can only be very good news, even if it will make us wait a few more months expected

L’target this time it is excellence, which is not an easy goal for a small software house like Cyanide. When we went to visit him in Paris, we were surprised to see how these guys work: the Blood Bowl team was practically wedged between two other groups, one of them at the time busily working on Styx’s sequel. No glamor, no comfort, just sweat and a great desire to pack a decent product, yes, but also able to dream big. For the means at their disposal, they really manage to work miracles.

New rules!

Blood Bowl 3: players split in two, the audience changing the tide of the game, dirty plays and tons of turn-based strategy. We love this game!

Blood Bowl 3 will also be a much more complete package than the previous one, with different mechanics designed to enhance its potential on the pitch. eSports, such as the unprecedented possibility to attend matches as an audience and many other functions designed specifically for the competition.

This third game will be even richer than the previous one: Blood Bowl 2 came out with eight different teams, a strategy that generated much more than a controversy, while Blood Bowl 3 will debut with a total of twelve teams and numerous different stadiums. Like the previous game, one will be included campaign mode with a strong narrative component that will also serve, among other things, to learn the rudiments of this fantasy football to newcomers but not only to them, considering that Blood Bowl 3 will use the new regulation introduced by Games Workshop in 2020.

But Blood Bowl is also a show, like the American football that inspired it. Despite several years having passed, Blood Bowl 2 is doing well graphically still fairly good, but time passes for everyone, let alone for a game that has never been able to count on who knows what budget. Let’s expect from this third chapter a good leap forward from every point of view: graphic, artistic and above all as regards the customization of the teams that should be the basis of every Games Workshop game, whose business is also made up of colors and brushes. , but which so far has not been entirely satisfactory if not using mod.

Championships and cups

Blood Bowl 3: Cyanide game could become esports chess
Blood Bowl 3: Cyanide game could become esports chess

After all, it is really difficult for things to go wrong for this new game. Blood Bowl 2 has entertained us for hundreds of hours and even today, when there is a friend close at hand, it’s always nice to set up a match exactly as it was in the days with board games. To be honest, considering how much the second game is usually sold off, it’s not a bad idea to buy it together with a close-knit group of friends to organize a league to which to dedicate one or more days a week.

The beauty of Cyanide’s Blood Bowl is that it is possible to do it every season market, buying new players, and consequently the team changes and renews itself with that unexpected but absolutely welcome touch of realism. And the team itself is not strictly linked to a championship, if it runs well it is also possible to register it for other tournaments, even the official ones. In short, there is a sense of progression that creates an attachment to colors and makes the world of Blood Bowl more vivid and fun than ever.

A sports strategy is not a kind of video game you see every day. Just like the board game, Blood Bowl is a video game in many ways unique and consequently for some irresistible. With the second game, Cyanide has shown that he really knows how to do it, and the care they promise to instill in Blood Bowl 3 can only bode well. We remind you that the beta will last until June 13 and above all it is open to everyone, just register on the official website of the game.


  • Blood Bowl has already proven that it works great as a video game
  • More emphasis on eSport mechanics
  • It supports the new rules introduced by Games Workshop in 2020


  • Still a long way off
  • We expect more complete player customization

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