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The announcement of Nintendo Switch Pro He arrives tomorrow. Or not. For a week now, the world of video games has been holding its breath waiting for Nintendo to make the big move. The new model of the console of the Kyoto house is so talked about that now the entire public takes its existence for granted. The expected technical innovations have also been discussed at length. The question is: what is the right price?

And we are not talking about a quality / price ratio, but more than anything else about affection / price. After all, among the big names in the console world, Nintendo is the producer with the most years on its shoulders and, inevitably, the one with the most “mature” and most affectionate historical audience. In other words, at D1 (i.e. the realm of early adopters, who do not look at anything or anyone in the face), there will be a long line of players ready to get their hands on the new platform. It matters little what the actual news are.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 sarà migliore su Switch Pro?

There is talk of 4K in dock format, higher frame rate perhaps thanks to Nvidia’s DLSS, but also a larger OLED screen and perhaps improvements to the battery and the dissipation system. Yes, there could be valid reasons to get your hands on the new Nintendo Switch model, but similar to what happened with Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro, the idea that many will get will be “it’s an enhanced version, but it’s not a paradigm shift, I don’t need it right away “. THE more casual players they will probably prefer to go for a cheaper, more readily available model (and if they already own the console, just don’t switch).

As we said, however, there is a slice of players who can not resist to the novelty and that, with great spirit of sacrifice, is ready to undertake the duty to get her hands first on the Nintendo Switch Pro and verify that everything has gone the right way. Whether the price will suit your pocket, of course.

How different will the Nintendo Switch Pro be from the base model?

Anche l’hardcore gamer early adopter Nintendo enthusiast [inserire altri termini inglesi adeguati] he does not have unlimited funds and must taking a decision, especially considering that maybe it has yet to recover other platforms, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S on all.

Our question it is therefore aimed at all those players who feel they can not help but buy a Nintendo Switch Pro at D1: what is the maximum price up to which you would go to be able to immediately have a Nintendo Switch Pro? Ignoring the technical innovations, ignoring the possible games: for the sole desire to have (also) this time a Nintendo console before all the others, how much could you spend?

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