news coming on June 10 at the Summer Game Fest?

news coming on June 10 at the Summer Game Fest?
news coming on June 10 at the Summer Game Fest?

Omnipotent talked about news on Elden Ring coming to E3 but according to other insiders (including Okami and Jeff Grubb) the reveal of the game would be expected slightly earlier than the opening of the fair.

Okami shared a Tweet with the date of June 10, this was also published by Jeff Grubb, who did not exclude possible links with the inauguration event of Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest, set for the same day. As specified by Okami, however, there is no certain information on the matter and everything must be taken with due precautions, pending confirmation or denial.

There are many who assume Elden Ring’s presence at E3 is certain while others consider the appearance at the fair unlikely, with Bandai Namco that could opt for a presentation on its own with a trailer in the days leading up to the opening of the event.

The FromSoftware game has completely disappeared from the radar after the presentation, the last trailer and leak images of Elden Ring made us think of a possible imminent announcement but then things went differently, who knows that summer 2021 will not bring interesting news for all those who await this project realized in collaboration with George RR Martin.


news coming June Summer Game Fest

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