Frostpunk is the free PC game of June 3, download link –

Frostpunk is the free PC game of June 3, download link –
Frostpunk is the free PC game of June 3, download link –

We are on Thursday and, as usual, even today theEpic Games Store gives a new game to its users. After the famous Among Us offered last week, this is the turn of Frostpunk, available for free today.

This also adds to the long list of free games offered by Epic Games Store as part of its expansive policy, which led it in a short time to become a reference point for PC users, despite the fact that the company seemed almost impossible given the domination of Steam in this area. Not for nothing, starting from scratch it has come to collect 160 million users in the space of a few years, following huge investments.

But now let’s stop the chatter and let’s see all the details on Frostpunk, with links to the download and a general description taken from the Epic Games Store itself.

To to redeem Frostpunk, you can access the store from the Epic Games launcher or follow this link to reach the Epic Games Store. We remind you that you have a week to get the game before the offer changes.

Let’s read the official description of Frostpunk:

Frostpunk, the new title from the creators of This War of Mine, is a survival game from a society where heat means life and every decision has a price. In a completely frozen world, people have developed steam-powered technology to combat the oppressive cold. Your mission is to build the last city on Earth and secure the means necessary for the survival of your community.

Resource optimization and management often collide with empathy and thoughtful decision making. While managing the city and society will take up most of your time, at some point it will take you to explore the outside world to understand its history and current state. What decisions will you make to ensure the survival of your company? What will you do when you have to push yourself beyond your limits? And, once you get over it, who will you become?

Establish laws to regulate the existence of your developing society. Decide on your work routine, health care, food provision, and other crucial aspects of daily life. Keep Your People’s Hope and Happiness Alive: The morale of your society is just as important as ensuring basic livelihoods and security.

If you reach a turning point, don’t hesitate to decide the path of your people. Will you rule with an iron fist … or will you show them a way of compassion and faith? Push yourself to the extreme or try to find the right balance. Whatever you choose, remember: there is no going back.

In Frostpunk we have to build and manage a city in a post-apocalyptic glacial future

Ponder your choices
Some of your decisions will seem irrelevant, such as deciding the fate of a distressed citizen or meeting the demands of a newly born faction, but be aware that the sum of your actions can lead to unexpected results. Your people trust you, but their devotion is not unlimited. Command can also be a burden.

Survival requires progress. React to events on the spot, but don’t forget to think long-term and invest in development and technological progress. Creating a highly advanced infrastructure with self-powered automatons, airships and other technical marvels is difficult, but achievable. It all depends on your management and leadership skills.

Although New London is your main focus, there is so much more to the world than what lies within your city limits. Expeditions, however risky, can provide you with valuable information and supplies, as well as grow your company’s population. There may be other people out there and their fate is entirely in your hands.

Frostpunk’s infinite mode grants you unlimited replayability. Play on 8 different maps, with a variety of terrains, weather conditions and challenges to tackle. We know that not everyone is looking for the same experiences and that is why there are 3 different ways to deal with the infinite mode. “Endurance”, which is the ultimate test bed for your skills to build, manage and survive in the toughest conditions. “Builders”, where at first you won’t have a generator at your disposal, resulting in a different kind of challenge. “Serenity”, with which you can enjoy the art of building the city without unnecessary pressure.

To find out more, we refer you to the Frostpunk review on these pages.

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