from September everyone in the office at least three days a week –

from September everyone in the office at least three days a week –
from September everyone in the office at least three days a week –

Back to the office, even in those offices where radical and total smart working had been decided since the beginning of the pandemic. Apple has sent an internal communication to its employees, with the new rules that will be applied from September. Everyone will go back to their desks (business and no longer home) for at least three days a week, wrote CEO Tim Cook. For the remaining two days, everyone can choose whether to continue working remotely or not. Unless he is in charge of duties that require his presence in the office “full time”. But there is also the possibility of apply to stay in smart working for two weeks a year (subject to the approval of your boss). “Despite what we managed to do while we were at a distance, the truth is that we have lost something essential in this last year: ourselves – he wrote Tim Cook in the document, as reported by The Verge – Videoconferences have shortened the distance between us, for sure, but there are things that we simply cannot replicate ». And then he concluded: “I know I’m not the only one who lacks the buzz of activity, energy, creativity and collaboration in our meetings in person and the sense of community we have built ».

What the other tech giants have decided

A decisive return to normality, in short, within all Apple offices in the world. Although the year of smart working has in any case led the company to increase its revenues by 50 percent year on year. The same path taken by another Tech giant, Google, which announced similar rules for returning to the office starting in September: at least three days in attendance. Anyone wishing to work more than 14 days a year off-site (and up to a maximum of 12 months, in exceptional cases) must apply and wait for a go-ahead. To date, the 200 thousand employees of Google they can already return to their offices, but on a voluntary basis. Microsoft has already reopened its offices, maintaining a hybrid line of work. So by integrating smart working and in-person working. The conditions of other giants are more elastic. Facebook gave the green light to smart working for its long-term employees, as long as it was approved by the managers. According to Zuckerberg, half of its workers will be in smart working within ten years. The same idea a Twitter, which declared a similar policy as early as May 2020: those who want to be able to work from home. Forever.

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