WhatsApp will officially support 4 devices at the same time (and iPad)

Vincenzo Ronca
03/06/2021 ore 15:15 – Updated on 03/06/2021 at 16:21

WABetaInfo had the opportunity to speak directly with Will Cathcart and Mark Zuckerberg.

WhatsApp is certainly among the most used messaging platforms in the world and therefore we are very interested in knowing what we will see in the future in terms of functionality. In this sense, we tell you about the unique conversation he had WABetaInfo, among the most up-to-date and accurate sources on WhatsApp, with Will Cathcart (the CEO of WhatsApp) e Mark Zuckerberg.

Surely you are wondering why WABetaInfo spoke to two such personalities. It was actually Will Cathcart a contact WABetaInfo your WhatsApp, then adding to the group Mark Zuckerberg. Let’s go see how it went.

The screenshot you see below summarize the initial part of the conversation, the less interesting one in which the two are complimented with WABetaInfo for the information service it has been providing on the messaging platform for several years now.

View Once functionality

The interesting part comes when Zuckerberg confirms that on WhatsApp they will come the messages that will be visible only once by the recipient, subsequently they will disappear forever.

Multi-device functionality

Further confirmations have also arrived regarding the multi-device functionality, the one that will allow you to synchronize WhatsApp content and chats associated with a specific account on multiple devices. The feature will make it possible to use WhatsApp, with all the contents synchronized in real time, on multiple devices at the same time. Zuckerberg claimed that it is one big challenge to the technical point of view for implementation. Therefore, at the moment It is not possible determine an exact date for release, but Zuckerberg promises that will come soon.

Support for iPad, beta for iOS users

WABetaInfo took advantage of the most unique and rare opportunity to ask the two three more questions on potential upcoming features:

  • The support of WhatsApp for iPad will arrive? Yes, with the implementation of multi-device support for WhatsApp there will also be the possibility of using the messaging platform on iPad via the app.
  • It will be possible for the iOS users access the beta of the app? Zuckerberg reported that he will speak with the development team to understand if this avenue is walkable in the short term.
  • How many devices can they be connected to the same account at the same time? You will be able to connect to the same account up to 4 different devices.

Source: WABetaInfo


WhatsApp officially support devices time iPad

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