The commercial and the murderous metal cables – News

The commercial and the murderous metal cables – News
The commercial and the murderous metal cables – News

Geldis, we come to know today, is an Italian brand of various dental hygiene products: mouthwashes, toothbrushes, dental floss, etc. We would not deal with it here, were it not that in recent days this one of his has been broadcast on Mediaset networks and on social networks. advertising spot, which to define incorrect is an understatement.

You can see it too: two subjects of a “quiet weekend of fear”, with the air of madness, get out of their pockets a dental floss and then stretch it between two trees: the wire takes dimensions from a metal cable and is placed across the dirt road while the motorcycle is approaching, with a couple on board. The image vanishes when the bike is now on the cable, stretched at the headlight height. That’s when the final slogan appears: use it right!

The commercial got what creatives were looking for. One fact is enough: visibility on the Geldis YT channel has jumped from twenty-two (22) views to about fifty thousand. We know it: the more you provoke the more they look at you. But as motorcyclists we are definitely worried: for the metal cables stretched in the middle of paths and dirt roads we have lost several enduro riders, in recent years, and we count gods also injured among motorcyclists traveling on paved roads. The matter is both tragic and delicate. In our eyes there is no more vile gesture: to put an invisible and potentially deadly obstacle to discourage the passage of those who disturb you.

Among the many comments on the spot that appeared on Geldis’ YT channel, largely scandalized, there is the one signed by Alessio which says:

Shame on you: in addition to the bad taste of the commercial, here are the extremes for one complaint for instigation to commit a crime. Do you plan to praise the throwing of stones from overpasses or the sabotage of the emergency brakes of the cable cars in the next commercial? I immediately report the spot to the competent authorities and I hope that many will follow my example “.

We hope that the commercial will be withdrawn: the incorrectness of the message is evident at least. It will certainly not be a conscious instigation to commit a crime, the creatives have clearly sought visibility, only that. And without going too much for the subtle they have undoubtedly arrived at the result.

Ma one cannot play on these issues. Such superficiality clashes with the principles of civil coexistence. Unfortunately, there are more and more people out of their minds: there is no need to wink at deviations and delinquencies.


commercial murderous metal cables News

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