Google Photos is preparing to welcome the Material You: here’s how it will change

Google Photos is preparing to welcome the Material You: here’s how it will change
Google Photos is preparing to welcome the Material You: here’s how it will change

The Google I / O 2021 is now archived, but it has left us a legacy of many new features, among which the Material You seen on Android 12 Beta 1 (here’s our in-depth test), which is now starting to show up on Google Photos as well.

Recently there has been talk of Google photo almost exclusively due to the epochal change that has affected the service starting from 1 June 2021 (we even explained how to replace it with a NAS), instead today we reopen the app to see how it is about to evolve in the sign of the new design language.

Google Photos prepares for Material You: first changes noticed

With the Material You, Google has emphasized the concept of personalization, also focusing on rounded shapes and larger and more readable titles.

The new design has already shown itself on some Big G applications and now also Google photo join the party: a leaker reported to the team of XDA some new graphics found in version 5.43 of the app, also attaching some interesting screenshots.

The images, which they exhibit much larger lettering, remember what was seen in the Settings app as renewed in the first Beta of Android 12. Curiously (but not too much), the source of XDA has noticed the news on board a first generation Pixel with Android 10.

Of course, it is not surprising to see an app updated to Material You on a smartphone with an older version of Android, since we are only talking about a design language change and not a part of the new release of the operating system.

The only aspect of the Material You limited to Android 12 is the update of the color extraction algorithm used to customize the system and application theme based on the background set. Even in this respect, however, it is not a total closure, since color extraction APIs, although less advanced, are also present in previous versions of Android.

With a little bit of effort, the XDA team was able to activate the new design of Google photo and, in addition to the aforementioned larger writings, some have also been identified Announcements functional. For example, when making one zoom in and then you scroll through the image library, the date of the images on the screen is displayed permanently in the top left.

In recent weeks we have told you about the news received by Google Photos regarding the function Memories and we also talked about the upcoming ones: as you can also see from the screenshots shown, the Memories are no longer relegated only to the top of the app, but are also shown directly in the image library.

The same goes for the album: if the user has collected images of a certain date in an album, he will find the album again by scrolling through the library.

Finally, the Google Photos team is working on a new overflow menu which, when tapped, displays a “select” button. In the event that all the photos of a given date have been taken in a recognized location, the overflow menu may also show a “show on map” button which quickly takes you back to the map view.

Do you like the new Material You-style Google Photos design? Let us know in the comments.

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