Spotify, here are the new playlists “Only You” and the new feature “Blend”: how they work

Spotify, here are the new playlists “Only You” and the new feature “Blend”: how they work
Spotify, here are the new playlists “Only You” and the new feature “Blend”: how they work

After the launch of the Fresh Finds program, Spotify today announced the new “Only You” in-app experience along with “Blend” functionality. Both are designed, as can be expected from the music streaming giant, to integrate the user’s playlists with more and more songs.

Let’s start with Only You or, as you can see on the home of the Italian app for iOS and Android, “Solo Tu”. At its opening it will show six different in-app experiences to resume the user’s tastes and re-propose many songs in the style of the Wrapped functionality revived every year. Here are the six categories proposed:

  • The astral chart in audio version: a sort of musical “horoscope”, where the sun sign indicates the artist you have listened to the most in the last six months; the lunar sign signals an artist who best shows your emotional or vulnerable side; the ascendant sign brings it all together with an artist you have recently listened to;
  • The dinner of your dreams: choose the three artists you would invite to your dream dinner. Once the trio is selected, Spotify will create a custom Spotify mix for each artist to set the mood for the meal;
  • The unique combination: a particular pairing between artists you’ve recently listened to and who showcase your range of listening interests;
  • Listening over time: shows “when” is the music you listen to, a real musical journey through different time periods;
  • My unique moment: early risers or night owls, in this way it is possible to discover the music and contents of the podcasts you listen to at certain times, both early in the morning and late at night;
  • The unique mix of genres: The combination of music genres and podcasts that sets your user experience apart.

Users will also receive new custom playlists after finishing the Only You experience.

Blend, translated into Italian as “Playlist One in Two”, is another new Spotify feature coming to all users that allows two people to combine their respective musical tastes into a single playlist. To do this, you need to go to the “Create for you” section from the smartphone app, create the playlist and invite a contact via one-time invitation via email or messages. Once the invitation is accepted, Spotify will generate a personalized playlist mixing the tastes of both and showing how you respectively influenced the birth of the tracklist in question.

Meanwhile, the Spotify developers are also working on the accessibility of the app with new features coming.


Spotify playlists feature Blend work

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