PS5 and Japan, Japanese games and developers held in high regard –

PS5 and Japan, Japanese games and developers held in high regard –
PS5 and Japan, Japanese games and developers held in high regard –

There has been a lot of talk about the relationship between PS5 e Japan, with controversy also quite strong that Sony would begin to ignore this market and its realities. Hermen Hulst has however made it clear that games e developers Japanese are held in high regard.

After talking about the postponement of God of War 2: Ragnarok to 2022 and the new project of Bend Studio, the head of the PlayStation Studios therefore he also addressed this topic, trying once again to reject the accusations.

“I want to make it very clear that Japanese games and Japanese developers are still extremely important to PlayStation Studios and Sony Interactive Entertainment,” said Hulst. “Japan and Asia in general are strongly linked to our tradition: the success of Sony, the PlayStation brand and many of our most iconic franchises were born in these places.”

“I remember when I attended the PlayStation 5 showcase last year: I was struck by how much Japanese influence there was in the titles we were showing. This is also part of the PlayStation DNA. It is one of the things that make PlayStation different and unique. , in my opinion.”

“I am well aware of the potential that high-quality games from Japan and Asia have, some of the best developers in the world work in these places. They have a history of innovation, craftsmanship, great pride and team spirit behind them. definitely carry on these traditions. “

Polyphony Digital, for example, they represent a fundamental component of the PlayStation family and are the authors of the best driving simulators in the world. We are also building the Team Asobi in Tokyo, a world-renowned studio working on a franchise designed for all ages and an international audience. A group full of creativity. “

“Beyond Asobi, we will continue to maintain and build partnerships through our external development teams. So yes, I am really excited about the future of PlayStation games from Japan and Asia, and I am grateful for the interest and the passionate support provided by our Japanese studios. “


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