Realme GT will arrive in Europe at a shock price

It will certainly arrive in Europe, Including Italy, and will have a very small price: we are talking about Realme GT, it smartphone which, after being intercepted among the certifications for the EU, has now been confirmed by the manufacturer. And the official presentation for the EU could arrive today with an online event.

It is scheduled for today June 3rd “Making 5G global“, the online event organized by Realme in which it is possible that details on the European launch of the new mobile phone will be revealed, already announced for a date by June, following confirmation on the website XDA Developers of the device without, however, any reference to any data for placing on the market. Meanwhile, the leaks continue to circulate on the net – the last one including the alleged images dedicated to the European version (which may differ in part from the Chinese one) – awaiting certain information that, apparently, could already appear. in the next few hours.

Realme GT, what do the images show?

According to the photos, first published by a tipster who then removed the tweet, Realme GT will be characterized by the product code the acronym RMX2202, as you can learn from the screen relating to the technical characteristics of the device. On the back of the phone, however, it is easy to identify the text and information relating to European Community legislation.

Returning to the Info section, the specifications already seen in the variant currently on the market are confirmed, including the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. No news, of course, except the list price for that flagship it will probably be very contained, despite the high-level equipment

Realme GT, how much will it cost?

According to the tipster, the Eu price of the Realme GT should be around 400 euro for the base model, that is, with a combination of 8GB RAM and 128GB of internal memory, then rising to 450 euro for the most performing one from 12GB/256GB.

From the advances, however, we learn that it could vary by about 20 euros, more or less, compared to what was declared, a figure that would not contribute in any case to change opinion on the cost of the smartphone: prices of this kind, in fact, are always seen in China and never in Europe.

Realme GT, will it all be true?

Of course, the fact that the tweet has been deleted left some doubts among enthusiasts and experts who, at least in the first instance, immediately imagined some probable substantial error so evident that they did not want to leave a trace. For confirmations or denials, it will therefore be necessary to wait for more information from Realme which, in any case, could already arrive very soon.

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