Does Nintendo Switch Pro escape a retailer (with a lot of price)?

Does Nintendo Switch Pro escape a retailer (with a lot of price)?
Does Nintendo Switch Pro escape a retailer (with a lot of price)?

That of Nintendo Switch Pro seems now to have become a sort of secret of Pulcinella: the alleged enhanced version of the Nintendo home console, in fact, has been on everyone’s lips for several weeks now, with rumors that run after each other alluding to an imminent announcement.

Upcoming announcement that it may have an additional arrow to its bow after a French retail chain inadvertently listed the console, also revealing its potential price.

In recent days, several newspapers, including Bloomberg, they were certain of the near arrival of the console, explaining that the intention would be to present it before E3. In this way, the “enhanced” versions of the Switch games would already find space on the virtual stage of the event, rather than those that run on the original 2017 hardware.

The original Nintendo Switch

This time, the leak comes from France, as reported by VGC, dove Center (who previously anticipated the return of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl) is said to be certain that he has viewed and verified the inclusion in the catalog of the console by a resale chain, which would be ready to open reservations as early as June 4th.

If so, it would mean it would only be a matter of hours before the enhanced console is announced. Furthermore, the price of 399€, which would be slightly higher than the € 329 list of the current standard model – to such an extent probably doomed to oblivion, considering the difference so minimal, as in recent days he anticipated Vandal.

It is also true that, beyond the fact that all this is a rumor until proven otherwise, it could also be a placeholder price entered simply to fill in the field, waiting for the official one.

Whatever the case may be, the sources that have lined up in talking about a Nintendo Switch Pro around the corner are starting to be too numerous for there to be nothing concrete behind it.

Right now, however, Nintendo has not provided official comments on the leaks nor on the rumors anticipated by Bloomberg. In the meantime, however, rumors suggest that the console should mount a 7 ″ display with reduced bezels, to avoid the clutter, with support up to 4K and DLSS.

Will 2021 be the year of the renewal of Nintendo Switch? We await official news to find out.

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