Chrome OS 91 is available: Nearby Share arrives and many other news (photo)

Vito Laminafra02/06/2021 ore 22:59

Earlier this year, Chrome OS turned 10 years old: for the occasion, Google has announced a series of very interesting innovations to improve its operating system. Finally, the version 91 of Chrome OS is in rollout and brings many features.

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The most important is certainly Nearby Share: this allows you to exchange photos and files between Chromebook or devices Android extremely quickly. To change the settings of this function you need to go to the section Connected devices while, come on Quick Settings, you can change the visibility of your device.

Then comes the profits notification badges for apps, which can be activated from Quick Settings>Notifiche, and the possibility of make files available offline simply by activating the appropriate toggle in the application File. Finally, new wallpapers from the series are available “Imaginary”, while the app Video is now replaced by the app Galleria, which has been updated.

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Chrome Nearby Share arrives news photo

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